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Why do cats jump on the counter? You might have uncovered that your feline such as to hang out on your kitchen area counters if you’re a pet cat owner. Why do cats jump on the counter? Although some individuals believe it’s OK to allow their cats “counter browse,” this is a poor feline practice that need to be protected against. Why do cats jump on the counter? Feline counter surfing offers a variety of possible hazards to both felines as well as their human proprietors.

Leaping Felines

Why do cats jump on the counter? A feline that frequently leaps up on a cooking area counter could be at threat for touchdown on a warm cooktop or consuming chemical deposit from recently made use of cleaning products. Its proprietor can be in jeopardy for sanitary concerns that emerge when cats obtain right into food. Pet cats stroll on their paws in the can and afterwards on your counter. There is a high potential to spread microorganisms from the litterbox onto the counter. This might bring about germs making its way right into food.

Why Do Cats Do This?

Cooking area counters bring in cats like a magnet for several reasons. Once you recognize the reason your pet cat such as the kitchen counter a lot, you can use this details to change or redirect your cat’s actions.

They Love Elevation

Get any kind of 2 cats along with a climbing tree or pet cat tower, and also you’ll have a ready-made video game of “King of the Hill.” Kitchen counters are just high sufficient so that many pet cats can either leap up from the ground or obtain assist from a well-positioned chair

They Like the Smell

Kitchen area counters smell great! They’re commonly filled with alluring points to eat, such as raw hen components, hamburger, or the other day’s tuna casserole that prepares to be reheated for dinner. A carelessly cleansed countertop may additionally be residence to crumbs and also spills that a feline might delight in munching on.

They Like Running Water

Some cats are also brought in to running water in the kitchen sink, and also for numerous pet cats, this is their primary resource of drinking water. Although the kitchen area sink is most likely cleaner than the bathroom, there are far better options for your cat.

How to Train Your Cat

Why do cats jump on the counter? You can employ a few training techniques to urge your feline to stay off the counter top. These have shown to be successful, but you have to preserve consistency if you want your feline to obtain off and remain off the kitchen area counter tops. Try the approach that functions ideal for your scenario and/or that your pet cat replies to a lot of positively.

Use the Sticky Tapes

Cats hate the sensation of sticky tape. They’ll likely be prevented after one or two shots once they feel the tape on the edge of the counter. The downside is that you might need to maintain reapplying the tape indefinitely and also the adhesive might be tough to clean up afterward. Additionally, the pet cat may outmaneuver you and also discover a means to jump on the counter by avoiding the edge.

Aluminum Foil

Why do cats jump on the counter? Tape a strip of crinkled aluminum foil along the counter. It’s not just the feeling of it on their toes but the sound that prevents felines. Know that this technique might be disruptive to the way you use your counter top and may additionally be inefficient.

Provide Cat Towers

Offer lawful leaping targets. Buy (or build) a climbing up tree or a cat tower for your cat. Make it interesting sufficient to hold the feline’s focus, and occasionally, “sweeten the bargain” by concealing a yummy reward on top. Animal and also commend your pet cat when it utilizes the climbing tree, so it will certainly link the brand-new feline furniture with positive sensations.

Keep Your Counter Tidy

Eliminate some of the lures by not leaving food, crumbs, or various other deals with on the counter that your feline may be attracted to.

Clear the Faucet

If your pet cat is continuously consuming alcohol at the tap, number out if there are stress factors around the water dish as well as remove the tension. Your feline might like the cold, fresh water from the faucet, so change their water a couple of times a day and include an ice or more to maintain the temperature down. Never ever leave the faucet running; it’s tempting and inefficient for the cat. You can also get a kitty water fountain that will certainly maintain the water in the dish flowing. By making use of a little ingenuity as well as staying “one dive” in advance of your cat, you need to be able to inhibit your kitty’s counter-surfing behavior.


Why do cats jump on the counter? It might be time to call in a feline behavior specialist if absolutely nothing seems to function in spite of your uniformity and initiative. In this kind of scenario, the expert will likely visit your residence to analyze the scenario and also come up with brand-new behavior adjustment strategies to aid you keep your pet cat off the countertop.

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