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When it comes to tips for feeding your Sphynx cats is a little bit trickier than feeding other cat breeds. You need to find the right balance between feeding your cat enough but not feeding him too much. Tips for feeding your Sphynx cats are able to get by without hair. This is because their metabolisms produce enough heat to keep their bodies warm. In order to produce that heat, however; these cats need a consistent supply of energy which means access to food all day long. On the other end of the spectrum, however; Sphynx cats have a high risk for obesity so you don’t want your cat to eat more than he needs. In this article, you’ll learn tips for feeding your Sphynx cats.

Many Sphynx cat owners use an automatic dispenser to ensure that their cat gets as much food as he needs when he needs it. For the most part; Sphynx cats are good at regulating their consumption so that they don’t eat more than they need. If you notice that your cat is starting to develop a round belly, however; you might need to start regulating his portions. Some Sphynx cat owners prefer to feed their cats four or five small meals. It is spaced throughout the day instead of giving them unlimited access to food.

One thing you need to be aware of when choosing a cat food for your Sphynx is the fact that they have a fairly delicate digestive system. Canned cat foods are high in moisture and protein which is good for cats; but they can also be very rich. Rather than feeding your Sphynx a diet that consists entirely of canned food; consider purchasing a high-quality dry food and add a spoonful of wet food on top of it just before feeding. You can also try alternating between dry and canned food for each meal.

Another thing you might want to consider for your Sphynx cat is feeding him a raw food diet. The idea of feeding your cat raw meat and bones might sound strangebut it is actually very close to the type of diet wild cats follow; their diets consist almost entirely of whole prey. It is completely natural for cats to eat all parts of their prey including the skin, muscle, organ meats, bones, and connective tissues. If you don’t like the idea of preparing raw food for your Sphynx; you can easily find fresh or frozen raw cat food online and at certain specialty pet stores. Another option is to choose a dehydrated or freeze-dried raw food that can be rehydrated for feeding.

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