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Why is my Yorkie Poo keep rubbing his face? Canines are commonly seen massaging their faces on wall surfaces, furniture, the ground, and also other points. This actions isn’t constantly worrying and may be as simple as an itchy face however there are some reasons why a pet owner might need to address it. Why is my Yorkie Poo keep rubbing his face? If a pet is rubbing its face regularly on something, after that it may have a trouble. If the rubbing is recurring, after that it might not be of concern. Why is my Yorkie Poo keep rubbing his face? A nuisance such as filthy or wet hair, discomfort from a poor tooth or eye injury, irritability from allergic reactions or fleas, or simply due to the fact that it feels great are all prospective reasons a canine might massage its face on something.


Why is my Yorkie Poo keep rubbing his face? Some canines establish allergic reactions that trigger them to be scratchy as well as scrub their faces. Skin swelling brings about irritability as well as massaging outcomes. Allergic reactions might be because of a food or treat that a dog consumes or family as well as environmental allergens such as dirt mites, various lawns, or plant pollen. They can be consistent or simply seasonal. A pet itchy from allergic reactions will also likely be scraping their faces in addition to rubbing.


Exterior parasites consist of fleas, termites such as Demodex and scabies, and also ticks. Every one of these bloodsuckers can bite or delve right into the skin of a pet and cause inflammation as well as inflammation. This would make any person itch the areas these pests are biting, consisting of a dog. Normal parasite preventative drugs ought to be made use of to prevent having to manage these parasites.

Collar Irritation

Why is my Yorkie Poo keep rubbing his face? New collars or collars that are as well limited may create a canine to rub its face as well as neck on the ground, furnishings, or walls in an effort to soothe the pain. It needs to be examined to make certain it isn’t also limited or scrubbing on the canine’s neck if a pet has lately obtained a new collar. It can now be as well limited and in need of adjustment or elimination if a dog hasn’t had its collar gotten rid of in awhile and has actually expanded or gotten weight. You should be able to comfortably slide 2 fingers underneath your canine’s collar.

Dental Pain

A poor tooth or other mouth pain might cause a dog to massage its face on something in an effort to reduce the discomfort. Pets with oral pain might eat much less, only wish to consume soft food, or only eat on one side of their mouth. Halitosis, bloody saliva as well as recurring licking of the lips are other signs that may go along with face massaging in a canine that needs a tooth removed. Some negative teeth may eventually befall by themselves however this can take months or years as well as the pet is in substantial discomfort in the mean time. Loosened and busted teeth can likewise cause an infection that can impact body organ feature otherwise resolved. Infected teeth need to be drawn out by a veterinarian so medical focus is called for if this is the factor for a dog to be massaging its face.

Brain Tumor

Why is my Yorkie Poo keep rubbing his face? Brain growths are luckily not as usual of a reason for a dog to massage its face on something yet it is still a possibility. Brain lumps can put stress on the mind and be awkward or painful. Pet dogs with brain lumps are typically seen head pushing against the wall or scrubing their heads as a result of this pain. Seizures and behavioral changes may also go along with mind tumors. , if a mind tumor is believed in a pet dog it need to be checked out by a vet.

Eye Irritation

In some cases points obtain stuck in a pet’s eye, aggravate it, or a scrape or ulcer may create on the cornea. These things can all create a dog to scrub its face and eye on furniture and also carpets. A pet dog with eye irritation will likewise frequently paw at their eye or hold it shut. If an eye problem is thought this need to receive veterinary focus to not just relieve the inflammation however to avoid even worse troubles from occurring to the eye.

Something Smells Good

Why is my Yorkie Poo keep rubbing his face? Canines have a really severe sense of scent so if they such as exactly how something smells they may simply rub their entire face on it since they appreciate it a lot. The thing might not have a pleasurable smell to us however to a pet dog, it might be terrific. One usual example of such an item is a dead animal located outside in the backyard.

Marking Territory

Pets can leave their scent on a product to note their areas by peeing, defecating, or just massaging their face or body on it. This action leaves unseen scents behind on the furnishings, carpet, or other things the pet is rubbing on to indicate that something comes from them. This can be a typical occurrence, and while humans cannot smell scents, other pets can.

Keep In Mind

Why is my Yorkie Poo keep rubbing his face?  Dogs are similar to individuals when it pertains to various textiles and also structures and often rubbing their faces on points just simply really feels good. If a canine owner has eliminated concerning reasons for why a pet dog may be scrubbing its face on things, then this may be why the behavior proceeds.

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