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Yorkshire Terrier, together with toy Poodles, are the two canine breeds that are well known, highly appreciated, and loved by dog enthusiasts worldwide. Thus, it should really come as a big surprise that a mix of these two breeds is the next superstar circulating in the dog world. These are endearing “Yorkie poo dog.” 

These dogs both shine inside and out. Inside by the loving personality that makes people drawn instantly to them, and outside by their extreme cuteness. So, if you are one of many people looking to add a Yorkie poo to their family, or maybe you are one that has a keen curiosity for dog breeds, the below discussion is ought to educate and help you. Below is everything you need to know about this other spectacular dog breed. Let’s get into the discussion. 

Yorkie Poo Breed Overview 

Yorkie poos are a popular designer crossbreed cutie manifesting sass, spunk, and wits! They are offspring of a Yorkshire Terrier, or commonly known as Yorkie, together with a toy, or miniature Poodle. You can only imagine the two distinct dogs when combined, to produce a pooch that has a double dose of energy, and two times the intelligence. Yorkie poos are petite, and couldn’t care less about their size and will tap into their inner terrier feistiness to play and rumble, with their owner, children, cats alongside dogs. 

Yorkie poos are a very small breed of canines that weigh an average of 3 to 5 kg, with a short height of 18 to 23 cm. They inherited the legginess Poodles have, while still fine-boned, as acquired in Yorkie. These dogs possess a slender head, with a gently tapering muzzle, and a set of eyes so dark and expressive.

Yorkie’s body stands slim and muscular, with the length of their back being almost as equal as the height at the withers. The coat is rather variable if you’ll look at it, ranging from straight to a gorgeous wave and curly, but is usually light and silky to touch. For their stunning colors, Yorkie poos exist in black, sable, white, together with apricot, red, and cream. Aside from the base hue they have, marking colors as well as patterns exists in these canines, and it is unique to each of them, giving Yorkie poos an endless array of appearance to be seen and be endeared by. 

History of Yorkie Poo

When it comes to the history of designer dogs which Yorkie poos are, there is a lot that dog nation still does not know, their history is still in development. Also, most information tends to be generalized, or rather, puts emphasis on the most popular hybrids, such as Bernedoodle, alongside Labradoodle, to name a few. 

For Yorkie poos still on the voyage of becoming a growth in demand designer dogs, their origin still does not have been well documented. Sadly, we do not accurately know when or where these adorable and endearing pooches started melting the hearts of dog enthusiasts. This, however, means that they came to be sometime in the last 20 or 30 years. These dogs were a product of intentionally mixing two different pure breeds. 

Evolution of the Breed

The intention behind creating them is to have a small, hypoallergenic dog that can be versatile while being low maintenance to care for. Thus, there are no better dogs, besides Yorkshire terrier and toy Poodle that will realize the qualities original breeders want to have. These dog companions then resulted to manifest the best qualities of each breed, being small, with healthy genetics, and a calmed temper. 

Over the years, they have been a rising star of becoming a great pet for any family. Testimonials from all around the dog enthusiasts swear how Yorkie poos love a good outdoor play such as fetch, but also could not agree more on a calm cuddle session on the couch and relaxing bonding on the weekends.

Behaviors and Personality of Yorkie Poos


First and foremost, Yorkie poos are intelligent. This makes them a great candidate for training, and for handling them, endearing dog tricks to learn. They can be independent as they are masters of curiosity and love to figure things out. They are escape artists as well, so you might as well dog safe the four corners of your home. Another thing is Yorkie poos show a lot of adaptive intelligence as they think through things that will give negative consequences and would avoid them. They learn what to avoid by watching others, and by picking up cues from their owners.  

They also show signs of emotional intelligence and love to communicate with their owners, as much as they love to with other human companions they have. Likewise, they may at times cuddle with you when you are feeling down and crying and, sweetly enough, bring you his toys to cheer you up. Such an adorable pup to have. 


With their smartness comes their alertness to things and all things they perceive as dangerous. For this reason, Yorkie poos make great watchdogs. Yorkie poos over the years have been highly demanded, showing a thousand times how they are ready to protect their human companions. They also are very caring of children and newborns, and most would say, a perfect babysitter. 


Yorkie poos are lively, and most would say, energized spunky canines. They have a zest for life and as they have grown to love being with humans, this becomes their utmost source of happiness. Sooner or later, you will find yourself inseparable from these adorable pooches, and would always drag you to have adventures with them. 


With Yorkie poos, you’ll never have a movement of doubt existing if your very own love you, or just seems to love your food. Yorkie poos are very affectionate, and oftentimes it will show as gestures of excitement when they see their owners, always seeking physical contact, wanting to sleep with their favorite companion, and are always checking on what business their owners are up to. 


Yorkie poos are known to be social and very friendly canines. They love to be the life of every party, and often would have no problems connecting with close friends and tight-knit families. They are very warm in times of family gatherings and would get along with people of all ages. However, strangers can be cautious and cold, as they are assessing if they can be trusted, or are in general good people to be around. 


Yorkie poos are basically walking sunshine because of their positive lookout in life. These canines seem to always have the motivation and drive to start their day as happy as possible.  


Yorkie poos are what angels look like but in dog forms. Yorkie poos are not at all aggressive, they do not bite, they do are not mean, and they are not stubborn. Because they are such people-oriented canines, they generally enjoy being disciplined and pleasing their owners.


As I have pointed out in the preceding number, Yorkie poos are not at all aggressive. They are rather, very gentle and calm. At times, you can see them enjoying their solitude, and they often move gently and then to be cautious about keeping things in place and not causing any messy chaos. 


This should come as no surprise, as Yorkie poos love people. Yorkie poos need companions 24/7, but it does not necessarily mean a bad thing and that it will burn you out and stress you. Just letting them observe you while they play or also chill is enough to keep them happy and feel included. And of course, we bet that if you are about to get one of these, you would want to stay with them 24/7. 

A mixture of quiet and loud 

Yorkie poos tend to bark, and in some instances, can be a lot. However, this is ought to be mitigated by training them from an early age. You can also try the quiet command, the at-home, command, to stop dogs from barking.   

Basic Care Guide for Yorkie Poos

Now, how can one care for a Yorkie poo? 

Part 1: Training 

Commit to training your dog.

Start training your very own Yorkie poo as soon as you adopt them. You need to invest time in teaching your dog house rules, together with behavioral rooms that hold significance to your life. Most say, if you do not have time to train during the first three to six months before owning this canine, you may want to rethink your decision to adopt.

This is because a study shows how more than 305 people surrender their dogs, due to lack of time, money, and effort needed. The biggest reason dogs end up in animal shelters is bad and stubborn behavior, which ought to be prevented with training.

Socialize with your Yorkie poo.

Take your Yorkie poo on car rides, park visits, and short walks to your neighborhood. This is to fill in his need for social interaction and allow him to interact with men, women, as well as children in a positive light. You can also consider having your dog enrolled in obedience training or a class for socialization. 

Incorporate reward-based training for your dog.

Yorkie poos are intelligent, and though they love to learn commands, you might as well use a reward system to get them hooked and love it even more. Try to offer them small food rewards to acknowledge their obedience. Do not forget to also verbally praise your dog, this ought to make him happy. 

Part 2: Health

Talk to your breeder and disclose your Yorkie poo’s health.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your Yorkie poo’s breeder has had your dog examined by a veterinarian at times when he is six weeks of age. Your dog also should already have his first shot of distemper and dewormer to kill internal parasites. This is a crucial first step as this empowers individuals and breeders to take accountability in a dog’s health condition and will help rule out if a health condition is to arise in your dog. 

Your dog must have regular veterinary care.

Your Yorkie poo is likely to need another dose of dewormer two weeks after his initial treatment. This is for hanging residual worms. Moreover, he will also need a distemper booster 3 to 4 weeks after the initial distemper shot. Upon reaching his full first year as a dog, he must undergo an annual exam, alongside a vaccine booster/ For 10 years of age, twice a year examinations are needed. If your Yorkie poo is a puppy, you are to follow this schedule: 

  • 8 weeks of age: Heartworm contraceptive device (then once a month during heartworm period of time or counting on your veterinarian’s recommendation)
  • 9 weeks of age: Lyme vaccine
  • 12 weeks of age: Lyme supporter, Rabies immunogen
  • 6 months of age: Spay or neuter

Get your Yorkie poo used for teeth brushing.

Small dog breeds like Yorkie poos are extra vulnerable to dental health problems. Thus aim for regular teeth brushing, at least once a week. When you brush your dog’s teeth, always treat this as an opportunity for checking any sores, growths in the mouths as well as loose teeth. If the occurrence of finding one of these, contact your veterinarian for an examination.  

Get professional dental care.

Even with regular brushing, your Yorkie poo may still necessitate professional cleaning to deeply remove bacteria together with plaques that collect under his gum. 

Place your Yorkie poo on supplements.

Supplements can make sure the immune system of your Yorkie poo is uncompromised. It aids in giving the best health state that aids in all aspects of your dog’s life, be it physically, mentally, or emotionally. It allows your dog to age gracefully, as well as improve skin and coat, cognitive development, and digestion.   

Part 3: Feeding and Grooming 

Choose high-quality dog food.

Buy a commercial dog food that has meat as one of the first two ingredients present on its nutritional label. Avoid products that are full of meat by-products alongside fillers. Since Yorkie poos are known for having the risk of health problems, you can also look for food that is formulated to enhance a dog’s dental health, such as those created to grind plaque and bacteria off the teeth. Make sure your dog is also well hydrated throughout the day. If you wish to make your own dog food, develop a diet with animal nutrition professional. This will ensure that your Yorkie poo is getting a balanced diet full of essential nutrients he needs. 

Offer treats sparingly.

To keep your dog at a healthy weight, snacks should be healthy, and as minimum as possible. You can reward your dog with dental foods, low-calorie dog treats, baby carrots in addition to a few low-sodium canned green beans. There is also a list of human foods you should never give your Yorkie poo as it can make your pooch kick and suffer a fatality. Here are: 

  • Alcohol
  • Avocados
  • Chocolate
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Fatty meat scraps
  • Cooked bones or chicken bones in general
  • Onions, garlic, and chives
  • Yeast dough
  • Xylitol (encountered in sugar-free foods, regarding some peanut butter)

Groom your Yorkie poo’s cost.

Your dog’s coat will depend on whether he got it on his Poodle or Yorkie parent. At the minimum, your dog will need brushing at least once a week, to keep his fur clear of tangles as well as mats. Do not forget to check your dog’s coat for ticks, bumps, flesh, scabs, scratches, cyst alongside unusual redness. If you catch sight of one or some of these, contact your veterinarian. 

Trim your Yorkie poo’s nails.

In a twice a month interval, you must trim your dog’s nails, as failure to do so can cause unhealthy nail pains. It can also affect their ability to stand, walk, and in rare occurrences, can also trigger bone deformities. 

Health Considerations of Yorkie Poos

As Yorkie poos are considered healthy at the time they were born, as different dog breeds came to exist, they can still hold health concerns and difficulties. While not all Yorkie poos will acquire the below diseases, awareness plays a vital role in observing the health of your dog. 


Often hereditary, epilepsy is a neurological condition that causes dogs to experience mild or severe seizures. Seizures cause unusual behavior that presents themselves as running themselves frantically, staggering, hiding. Falling down, losing consciousness, and rims rigid. The long-term prognosis of this disease fortunately is hopeful and looking very good. 

Patellar Luxation 

PatellarLuxation is what happens when the kneecap slips out of place in varying degrees. This causes dogs to be in leg pain and distress, moreover, it can also be crippling. Thankfully enough, dogs that acquire this health challenge are able to live relatively normal lives. 

Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease

Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease is a health challenge involving the canine’s hip joint. This condition causes the lessened blood supply to the head of the femur, and then the femur subsequently begins to disintegrate. This causes episodes of limping and atrophy of the leg muscle. Surgery is often linked to adding this condition, with highly successful results of pain-free dogs. 

Portosystemic Shunt 

Portosystemic Shunt (PSS) is a disease that causes abnormal blood flow on the liver and the body. This causes neurobehavioral abnormalities, drug intolerance, loss of appetite together with low blood sugar, stunted growth, and gastrointestinal and urinary tract difficulties. To aid, corrective surgery is typically the most viable option. 

Atopic Dermatitis 

Atopic Dermatitis is an inherited skin difficulty that makes canines predisposed to developing distinct symptoms of allergies. This is as a result of repeated exposure to some, otherwise, harmless substances. Most dogs having this disease often lick, chew, bite and scratch parts of their body because of irritation. These irritations cause hair loss, redness, and thick skin. The treatments include removing allergens and supervising steroids and antihistamines. 


Hypothyroidism is a disorder that happens in the thyroid gland. This is known to be the cause of multiple health difficulties such as alopecia, obesity, lethargy alongside pyoderma, hyperpigmentation, and other skin issues. Usually, diet and medication keep it under control. 

Dental Problems

Yorkie poos are vulnerable to developing plaque, gingivitis, periodontitis and in rare unfortunate occurrences, loss of teeth. This is why proper dental hygiene alongside regular dental care visits to veterinarians is a prerequisite of keeping them healthy and at best.   

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Yorkie Poos

Are Yorkie poos a good beginner dog? 

Yes, considering that these dogs are sweet, calm, and gentle, alongside their low are maintenance, it is a good choice for first-time dog owners. 

How much is the price of a Yorkie poo? 

Yorkie poo puppies price range is, on average, $1000 to $3500. This is with respect to the puppy’s distinct coloring, as well as the breeding facilities. 

How can I find a reputable Yorkie poo breeder?

First and foremost, if you are showing interest in adopting a Yorkie poo, you may start with asking your local veterinarians for their referrals and knowledge about this canine. There also exist numerous local breeding clubs where you can research reviews online, or talk too directly. Moreover, visiting professional dog shows often have guest breeders where you can have a conversation about your desire to adopt a Yorkie.  

What is the lifespan of a Yorkie poo? 

These small, energetic, endearing dogs can live a long life by adhering to excellent care. Yorkie poos, on average, have a lifespan of 10-15 years. 

What is the most important thing to do when getting a Yorkie poo? 

The most important thing you could do, more important than shopping for its needs, is a veterinarian visit, and complete documentation of his health status from the breeder. This ought to set both of your feet on the right path, of fur parenting. 

Is Yorkie poo adaptable?

Being both of their parents exist in being adaptable, they too are exceptional in this discourse. Yorkie poos make a great pet because their tiny size does not really need a large space to accommodate them. Also, they adjust well to the weather, just not the one where they are either put in extreme humidity or extreme coldness. Moreover, they do well with both small and large families. 


A Yorkie poo dog definitely deserves a place in your heart. With the comprehensive discussion we just had shared, it is impossible to neglect what an amazing do this fantastic breed is. A total sweetheart that will make your life even better. May you find caring for one of them. Finally, consider sharing our words with those who might be interested in knowing the endearing Yorkie poo breed.

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