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Sphynx cats are the famous hairless cat breed. Many of them do actually have small amounts of hair, but it is akin to nothing more than peach fuzz. Some adorable ones are born completely hairless, but these are on the rarer side of instances. While they are hairless and can be perceived as rare and high maintenance, Sphynx nutritional needs are not at all different from an average feline. Still, it is extra important that their skin is protected because they do not have extra fur to protect them like most cat breeds. That is why this article will be your ultimate defendable guide on choosing the best cat foods you can eat to be your Sphynx cat. Also, we’ll be adding vitamins that will enhance and maintain their overall health.

Top Five Best Sphynx Cat Foods 

Wellness Core 

Wellness Core is a top brand for Sphynx cats. This is because of their highly impressive formula containing nothing but meat ingredients, including chicken and turkey, and instead of water, chicken broth is used to account for extra nutrients and protein this breed needs. 

This recipe also includes flaxseed and salmon oil, the two of which give off omega fatty acids that help Sphinx’s skin in tip-top condition. Moreover, antioxidants and taurine are also added that are wonderful in combating a wide range of feline diseases. In particular, taurine is a vital amino acid that guards your cat’s heart. 


If you are looking for an affordable one, Purina is the brand for you. They are inexpensive, yet highly nutritious and worth it. This brand specifically is made for cats with sensitive stomachs, thus guarding your cat’s gut health. 

The first ingredient that is included is turkey, which provides sphinxes with lean protein that makes them just perfectly muscular. They also contain a generous amount of omega fatty acids, which reduces inflammation, leads to successful development, enhances the immune system, and lowest risk for heart disease, cancer, and other feline health problems. 


Acana is another solid option, it contains 65% animal ingredients including deboned chicken and chicken meal. Moreover, a herring meal is also added, which increases the omega fatty acid content. As we have established earlier, omega fatty acid content is essential for Sphinxes to have healthy and strong skin. Acana also contains organ meats such as liver, which enhances the flavor and also contribute to the overall nutrition of the food. Furthermore, it contains L-carnitine that is vital for a healthy metabolism. 


With both duck and turkey being the highlight of this cat food, Nulo also secures another high-quality option. Duck and turkey broth are both used instead of water, which overall enhances the flavor and protein, and mixture content of this canned cat food. 

Nulo’s formula has a relatively high protein content against other cat food competitors. Much of this protein is being drawn out of animal sourced ingredients as well, therefore it is guaranteed high quality and better than the plant-based protein some cat foods use. Impressively, it also includes no grains, wheat, or any artificial ingredients. It is  for the most part, animal meat.

Omega fatty acids and taurine are both added, as you would expect from high-quality cat food.


Last but equally competitive, Instinct is a brand that also caters to Sphynx cats. This cat food has a very high protein content, which most comes from high quality meats. It also contains some plant based ingredients such as peas greatly generous with amino acids. Moreover, probiotics are included! This impressively gives improvements in feline’s digestive health as well as their skin health, which is extremely vital in Sphynx cats. 

Nutritional Vitamins for Sphynx Cats 

Purina FortiFlora 

This is a remarkably palatable probiotic supplement that is made ideal for seniors, sick, and those with digestive issues. They are highly rated and recommended by veterinarians, and very much Sphnyx approved. Your sphynx will likely have a need for probiotics, as it supports the digestion and the overall wellness of a cat. Moreover, it is also made with generous amounts of vitamins, minerals, and taurine. Overall, there is no doubt that your sphynx cat will live a much healthier, livelier, well-off life where she is deeply protected. 

Tomlyn Felovite 

This second lovely option is a multivitamin gel that is formulated by a veterinarian and really speaks to be a well-loved product in the market. It contains an array of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that provides aid in a cat’s health. Ingredients are B-complex vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, taurine, vitamin A, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids from cod liver oil as well as other fats. Your sphynx will surely love every squeeze of this! It has an intense fish flavor that cats generally fall in love with once they sense it. Very pocket-friendly too! 

Nordic Naturals 

Trusted fish oil that aids in reducing inflammation. Best for cats with allergies, suffering from arthritis, and other inflammatory health conditions. Nordic Naturals, is awarded to be the Best Pet Health Supplement. Your sphnyx will surely be a winner,  it promotes healthy skin, which is essential for sphynx comfort and health. In addition, it boosts the immune system, which can keep your cat from many common ailments experienced by felines.


Your sphynx deserves to be cared for and loved well, and one way of securing these two is aided is by their diet. After all, we all just want what is the ultimate best cat foods.  Make sure to be a responsible sphynx cat pet owner! 

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