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Adult male chickens are roosters. Although roosters and chickens commonly hunt around yards in search of seeds, grasses; and insects, these male ones require a specific diet; that goes around highly nutritious feeds to support sustainable growth and immunity. Thus, the regular feed for chickens is not going to serve your rooster any good. Moreover, if they are to grow as fighting roosters, they also need the help of suitable vitamins.  Below is the best high-quality high nutritious feed; as well as the best vitamins for your rooster; for it to grow in its most optimum health and well-being.

Best Foods for Roosters 

Manna Pro 7-Grain (The Ultimate Chicken Scratch) 

Manna Pro & Grain is a nutritious blend of seven types of grains that affirms to keep roosters healthy. To break the ingredients down, it contains a generous amount of wheat, barley, sunflower seeds, oats, millet, and Milo. These ingredients put together are to make your rooster’s beak, spurs, and claw the strongest. It is suitable for fighting roosters as well. With its line of impressive vitamins and minerals, I’ll be lying if your rooster’s health and well-being would not improve; and prosper taking this. Moreover, they are relatively cheap and will not hurt your pocket, in the slightest sense. 

Manna Pro Gamebird Show bird Crumbles 

As roosters, and fighting roosters need a lot of nutrients to thrive; Manna Pro brand is here yet to fulfill it. This feed is enriched and packed with plenty of vitamins, proteins; and minerals as well as a healthy boost of probiotics that will better your rooster’s digestive system. 

In addition, it contains yeast that will help chickens absorb more nutrients and proteins; that will ensure chickens are to grow the most beautiful plumage. It supports bone health as well. Clearly, this feed is a gem and worth all the recognition. 

Grubblies world Harvest (The Natural Grubs for Chickens) 

Molting hens and roosters need a lot of protein to sustain their energy throughout the day; and they are to benefit from Grubblies. This impressive feed is packed with a lot of natural supplements, with proteins that are in high concentrations. 

Also, a generous amount of calcium, phosphorus; fibers, and lysine is present in this feed that will enhance your rooster’s health and well-being; and will lower any type of deficiency you may think. You also will eliminate giving your rooster hard eggshells or oyster shells; as they now will not experience any more calcium deficit. 

Best Vitamins for Roosters

Rooster Booster Poultry Booster Pellet Vitamin Supplement

This is a pellet mineral and vitamin supplement formulated for all stages of growth, supporting all classes of poultry. This supplement comes loaded; and enriched with essential vitamins including vitamin D3 and vitamin B12, minerals such as calcium and magnesium; and amino acids essential for both hens and roosters. Moreover, it is done with probiotics that aids in healthy digestion and a strong immune system. 

You also do not need a lot, as a ⅓ ounce scoop on a pound of feed is enough for your rooster to get its boost of vitamins and minerals. 

Chicken Delyte Natural Daily Oral Nutritional Supplement Made for Chicken

If you want your roosters; and chickens to give more than just a vitamin boost, this nutritional supplement manufactured by Chicken Delyte is the one to lean on. This supplement contains various other beneficial ingredients; with base essential vitamins including vitamin A, D3, E, and B12 with support of minerals, electrolytes, and pre-and pro- biotics. 

The great well-balanced formula supports chicken’s digestion; and nutrient absorption capability, enhances general health and vitality, and with respect to usage for all life stages of roosters and chickens alike. 

EXTER Sure Rooster Booster 

The Rooster Booster manufactured by the brand Exter is the absolute favorite when it comes to the vital vitamin support of both roosters and fighting roosters. It is an all-around supplement for sick, injured, or malnourished roosters. 

What is impressive is it is made from 48 vitamins and natural supplements that give an extremely sick chicken a fighting chance in its life and no rush sick chickens hack to their optimum health. It helps roosters to develop bone and muscle strength as well, as well as aid in proper and optimum metabolism and gut health. 


Now that we establish the top three of the best feeds and vitamins for rooster, you are now on the verge of deciding on what brands to lean on. Do remember, that it does not vary on prices, or the appealing packaging, or the creative advertisements, but rather, the nutritional facts and your financial capability in buying so. 

Moreover, feeds and vitamins are the two integral part of having a healthy rooster to care for, thus signifying the great importance these two hold, and moreover, clearly suggesting that your participation in buying so must be done. With all of these, you are now free to make choices, and, happy rooster parenting! 

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