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Are Beagles good pets? That actually depends both on the breed (how it was raised) and on you as the potential keeper. Generally speaking, Beagles make great pets. They are beloved by individuals and families alike and are very social animals. Are Beagles good pets? They have a great personality which makes them one of the most sought – after dog breed in the world. They are very popular and rightfully so! In this article, you’ll learn why are Beagles good pets and why you should keep one!

Are Beagles Good Pets: The Beagle Factor

Are Beagles good pets? The Beagle is a small hound breed that’s similar to a large foxhound. They have existed for a long time. The modern Beagle breed was developed back in the 1830s in United Kingdom. The Beagle breed today is the sixth most popular dog breeds in America. Beagle keepers love the dog’s cuddly nature, easy – going personality, and calm disposition.  Aside from hunting, the Beagle is also prized for their strong scent powers. They work as detector dogs and are usually part of screening passengers. In fact, in 1984, the Beagle Brigade was founded and since then, these dogs have been keeping airports safe.

Are Beagles good pets? When it comes to the temperament, Beagles generally have a calm disposition and a high prey drive, making them perfect for hunting. As for the origins of the breed, it’s actually quite obscure because no one really knows where they came from when they became recognized as a distinct breed. That’s because they’re just bred for far too long that no one can connect them to their ancestors.

Beagle and Kids

Are Beagles good pets? If you have kids, then you have the perfect breed to keep. They make playful companions. Unlike other larger dogs, beagles won’t knock your kids over whenever they’re playing. They are small but still sturdy enough to safely interact with them even if kids can sometimes get clumsy around animals. This breed just loves hanging out with their human companions. They love meeting and greeting their owners and even strangers. This is why they make amazing therapy breeds.

Are Beagles good pets? Their relatively small size makes them ideal for potential owners who can’t deal with the maintenance of much larger breeds. This breed also has various talents under their belts. They don’t only excel in the conformation ring but also in various dog activities like obedience competition, flyball, agility test, and scent – tracking ability. With this kind of dog, you really don’t have to worry about grooming. Unlike other dogs, you can easily keep them at tip-top shape without needing to always book an appointment with a local groomer.

Are Beagles Good Pets: Caveats

Are Beagles good pets? Compared to other breeds, Beagles are known to be a little difficult to housetrain. As an owner, you need to have consistency, commitment and most of all, patience. You may initially need to do some cleaning when your pet has some sort of bathroom indiscretions. Make sure to potty train them.  When it comes to vocals, beagles are quite good at it. All dogs bark sure, but for the Beagle breed, they just add a little more to their vocal repertoire – they howl. This is not good if you happen to live in an apartment because your neighbors will most likely complain – unless you have a soundproof home. 

They can also get so devoted to odor which will make them go and wander to dirty and unsafe places. You may find them rummaging through trash cans, going to another house or property when they’re outdoors, crossing the street just to follow the scent, and will most likely eat anything if you’re not vigilant.

And since this breed is clever dogs, they tend to be quite independent and won’t be there to please you. This is why training could be quite challenging. If you fail to properly train them, you’ll definitely find that their priorities are in conflict with yours. Today, the Beagle breed is still use for tracking and hunting particularly in the southern regions, tracking competitions for dogs are very popular. In a field trial, dogs are placed in the field in order to track rabbits. Judges usually follow the competitors while on their horses and they judge them on how well a dog can follow the trail of a rabbit. Dogs are usually disqualified until there are only a couple of breeds left before they go on to the next round. The rounds will continue until a winner is announced.

Ready to Keep Them?

Are Beagles good pets? Keep in mind that beagles love sniffing everything! You can find them sniffing outside, your bed, your couch, and they also love retrieving stuff. As a hound dog, they have a natural talent for smelling. In fact, if for instance you’re cooking a stew, a normal person will just smell the stew like the celery or chicken. But for a hound dog like the Beagle, they can smell each ingredient; the celery, garlic, potatoes, chicken, carrots, basil leaves, oregano and the likes. That’s how powerful their noses are. And although they don’t have the best nose out there compared to a Bloodhound or a Bassett, they are still in the top three.

Another fun fact is that whenever they are sniffing outside, their tails usually go straight up. This enables the hunter to see them amongst the tall grasses making them perfect hunting companions. We hope we answer the question, are Beagles good pets? in this article. Stay tune for more beagle posts!

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