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What is a lemon Beagle? Well, it’s just a Beagle – with a ‘lemony’ coat. Before we delve into what is a lemon Beagle, we’ll give you some Beagle facts first. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll not just learn what is a lemon Beagle but also know more about their breed and how to properly care for them.

Beagle Facts

Beagles in general are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They have that stereotypical hound appearance that can definitely make you go “awwww.”

Since the Beagle breed is part of the hound dog family, they’re natural hunters. The one thing that they love the most is to follow their noses! They love following a new scent though it can be a disadvantage especially if you’re outside walking them.

The Beagle breed is generally a tri – color. They mainly come in white, tan and black. However, these dogs are also known to come in various colors including the popular lemon color.

What is a lemon Beagle? Lemon – colored Beagles are increasingly becoming popular especially in social media. This is thanks to Maymo, a Lemon Beagle, whose starting to capture the hearts of many people online and even have pick up a huge following. The lemon beagle is starting to become one of the most compelling coat colors in the dog world today.

In the next section, we’ll give you some fun facts about what is a lemon Beagle.

What is a Lemon Beagle: Size and Appearance

There are two sub – classes of the Beagle breed. The first one is those dogs that are below 13 inches, and the second is those that fall between 13 and 15 inches. Experts call it as the 13 – inch sub – class variety and the 15 – inch sub – class variety.

What is a lemon Beagle? Lemon and white beagle is just another coat color for the breed but contrary to what some people think, the coat color is not a result of genetic mutation.

Lemon beagles are not albino beagles either. Albino beagles generally don’t have any pigmentation on their body and these types are usually very rare. Lemon beagles sport dark lips, eye rims and noses.


What is a lemon Beagle There are lots of lemon beagle puppies that are completely white in color after they are born. As they grow, the tan or lemon coloring starts to darken, and their coat will eventually become two – toned.

It’s important to note that a purebred Beagle naturally can’t have just one color because they don’t have the gene for solid colors. All beagle breeds have a hound coloring. Hound coloring genetically have at least 2 colors on their coats.

What is a lemon Beagle? The lemon coat is just one of the many possible coat colors for the Beagle breed. As a matter of fact, there are around 11 recognized Beagle coats today. However, all these colors have at least 2 – toned because of the hound coloration characteristics that the breed naturally have.

There’s also a marking in Beagles known as ticking. Ticking are just tiny spots that are usually found on the limbs and underside of the breed. However, on the lemon Beagle, such marking can make them seem like they’re a “dirty lemon Beagle.”

What is a Lemon Beagle: Price and Field Trials

As mentioned earlier, the lemon Beagle is one of the rare coat colors in the Beagle world. And because of this, you can expect that the Lemon Beagle breed can be somewhat more expensive than other coat colors.

Lemon Beagles are classified as scent hounds, and these dogs are bred to hunt rabbits and rodents. Today, the Beagle breed is still use for tracking and hunting particularly in the southern states in the U.S.

Tracking competitions for dogs are very popular. These are known as “field trials.” In a field trial, dogs are placed in the field in order to track rabbits. Judges usually follow the competitors while on their horses and they judge them on how well a dog can follow the trail of a rabbit.

Dogs are usually disqualified until there are only a couple of breeds left before they go on to the next round. The rounds will continue until there are just around 7 dogs left. Those who are left will track the rabbits again until a winner is announced. Field trials for dogs typically last all day, and it takes place rain or shine, even snow!

The first field trial in the U.S. was hosted by the National Beagle Club in 1888. Would you believe that the club still exists today? Long live Beagles!

Origin and Temperament

What is a lemon Beagle? Lemon Beagles just like their kin are social and active pets that are also known for their amazing temperament. They are actually quite chatty.

Aside from hunting, the Lemon Beagle is also prized for their strong scent powers. Beagles are actually working with the United States Customs & Border Protection Agency. They work as detector dogs and are usually part of screening passengers. In fact, in 1984, the Beagle Brigade was founded and since then, these dogs have been keeping airports safe.

When it comes to the temperament, Beagles generally have a calm disposition and a high prey drive, making them perfect for hunting.

As for the origins of the breed, it’s actually quite obscure particularly for the Lemon Beagle color. No one really knows where they came from when they became recognized as a distinct breed. That’s because they’re just bred for far too long that no one can connect them to their ancestors.

When the people started standardizing dog breeds, Beagles are already around including the lemon and white coloring. What is a lemon Beagle? Well aside from the things you’ve just learned, it seems like the origin of this particular coloring remains a mystery. Stay tune for more posts!

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