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In the U.S., the canine comes in two varieties based on its beagle size and showing qualities. The small – size beagle doesn’t exceed 13 inches at its withers while the larger one doesn’t exceed 15 inches at the withers for field trials or bench competition. In other countries like the U.K., the recognize beagle size and showing qualities. as anywhere between 13 and 16 inches, without dividing into 2 standard sizes. Smaller beagle size and showing qualities. weighs less than 20 pounds while the larger breeds can weigh up to about 30 pounds. 

Beagles are popular canines, and it’s also hard to locate a Beagle breeder especially if you want to acquire a pup. Experts usually recommend visiting at least 3 different breeders before making any final decision. Pups are wonderful pets but they’re a lot of work too. They need to be crate trained, housetrained, and you need to teach them basic obedience commands.

Beagle as Pets

As a keeper, you’ll be responsible in training your pup as well as socializing them; both of these require lots of time, patience and dedication. Pups are generally more active than full – grown beagles. Puppies also love to chew anything during teething stage. They’re not the pet for everyone that’s why some people choose a much older or matured dog because it’s much easier to handle adult dogs sometimes since what you see is what you get. The personality and character of an adult breed is already set and the dog is most likely housetrained and knows basic commands as well whereas in puppies you need to set up everything.

An adult beagle is mostly likely crate trained already. The adult dog may still exhibit destructive behaviors which could be hard to notice during the first meeting. This is why as an owner; you’ll need to work on correcting such destructive behaviors. Adult

The adult dog may already be crate trained as well. The dog may have destructive tendencies that are difficult to notice during the first meeting. In that case, as an owner, you will have to work on correcting such destructive behaviors. Adult beagle sizes are less energetic than young Beagle pups which make them quite easier to manage.

The good thing is that beagle dogs live for quite a long time so you don’t really need to worry that you’ll lose a dog for the next 5 to 10 years. Beagles are champions when it comes to longevity; many of them live up to 15 years, and some even reach 20 years old if they are provided with good nutrition and utmost care.

When you’re acquiring an older beagle dog, there are some important questions you need to ask so that you can also know the temperament of the dog before you make the final decision. This breed is very adaptable because they’re not “one – person” canine and they’ll quickly learn to love you and your family as well. It’s best to always brush and pet your pet so that he’ll form a bond with you.

Beagle Hunters

Aside from various beagle sizes, they also vary in terms of coat colors. They come in brown, white and black.

Beagle breeds also specialize in hunting deer, fox, rabbits, and other smaller animals.

Their nose has 220 million scent receptors since they share that same trait with other hound breeds.

They also sport distinctive long ears that help them trap scents and keep it close to their nose. It’s also important that

Beagles be fenced in a secured area or be on a leash because if he catches a scent from an animal, your pet will definitely follow the scent until he finds that animal. Due to their amazing ability to sense smell, these dogs are also used for searching explosives or other suspicious materials by the law enforcement teams.

Smelling isn’t just the outstanding characteristic of the breed. They also tend to howl and bark; the breed is among the most vocal canine. The beagle’s dog has amazing vocal cords that vibrate whenever air passes through them which allow them to make a different bark. However, this is also the reason why they’re not the best apartment breed because your neighbor will surely complain and get tired of hearing your beagle’s constant howling and barking. Purebred beagle size has a white – tipped tail which makes it easier for hunters to see them while they’re following a scent.

Beagle Sizes for Showing

There are definitely significant differences between home beagles, hunting beagles, and show beagles. Hunting beagle breeds are leggier and has more range than other beagle types. If you want to have a cheerful household pet, and aren’t interested in using them for hunting or some kind of strenuous activity then you might want to acquire a show beagle. Show beagles tend to be calmer compared to hunting beagles. On the other hand, if you want to use these dogs for hunting purposes, then by all means, seek out a breeder that can also provide you with the appropriate beagle size.

Many hunting breeds bought as pets eventually end up in shelters because their owners can’t handle them. Beagles that are meant for hunting tend to be less trainable and more destructive in the house as well as more stubborn compared to Show Beagles. If you own a hunting breed, you need to provide the dog with plenty of exercise to keep him happy and busy. After you have purchased your Beagle, a good breeder will provide you with a signed, written contract, veterinary records, and pedigree.

The AKC requires the following information on a signed AKC registration application, signed bill of sale, or signed written statement of the following:

  • Breed, sex, and color of the Beagle
  • Date of birth of the Beagle
  • Registered names of the dog’s parents
  • Name of the Beagle breeder

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