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Are Burmese indoor cats? Yes they are but they can also play outside. Burmese cats are of Asian descent. And just like other Asian feline like the Japanese Bobtails and Siamese breeds, they are fun to play with, and highly sociable creatures. Are Burmese indoor cats? This round – face and sleek cat came from Burma (Myanmar today) and was brought to the U.S. in the 1930s. In this article, you’ll learn more about the Burmese cat breed and the answer to the question, are Burmese indoor cats?

Are Burmese Indoor Cats: History

Nobody knows exactly where Burmese cats come from but there were historical records that suggest that they came from Southeast Asia.

Are Burmese indoor cats? They may have descended from copper brown cats that existed in Asia for many centuries. However, according to the Cat Fanciers association, this feline came about because of Dr. Joseph Thompson. There were stories that he came from a voyage in Burma and bought from a merchant a small, chocolate – colored cat with dark brown points. The cat is called Wong Mau (copper cat) which was then bred to a Siamese cat with a seal – point named Tai Mau.

The breeding program of Dr. Thompson created a new breed of are Burmese indoor cats that has pointed coats and has brown and beige color. The first litters of the Burmese cat looks a lot like Wong Mau and some have strong Siamese traits.

Thompson was a retired navy doctor who had lived in Asia and became interested in the region’s culture. He was then smitten with his new pet and because of that he decided to team up with other geneticists and breeders to create more of these copper cats through a selective breeding program.

Dr. Thompson lives in San Francisco and didn’t have any access to copper – colored cats which is why he decided to mate Wong Mau with Tai Mau, a seal – point Siamese. Their lineage produced several generations of  are Burmese indoor cats offspring. Half of the litter looks like their mother and half looks like their father. What Thompson and his team did was mate the litter with one another which eventually resulted in new generations of darker brown cats – the foundation of the breed that we now know today.

The cat’s gene pool was small which is why Thompson imported three brown cats from Burma so that they can add some genetic variation to the litter. In the next few decades, they started breeding cats with Siamese kitties to keep their lineage.

The Burmese breed isn’t as large as the British shorthair cat and also not as lean compared to a Siamese breed. Are Burmese indoor cats? In terms of their physique, Burmese cats have a compact body structure that is also well – muscled. They also sport a medium – size ears that have rounded tips and they also have rounded heads. They have large, expressive and round gold – colored eyes that are set far apart.

Are Burmese Indoor Cats: Selecting the Right Cat

Are Burmese indoor cats? Burmese cats are medium – sized cats but they are quite heavy because they have well – defined muscles with large bone structures.

Adult male Burmese can weigh up to eight and ten pounds while adult females can weight around six to eight pounds. When it comes to their height, they stand at about 10 to 12 inches at the shoulder.

There are various places where you can start your acquiring a Burmese cat. For starters, you can ask your local pet store or a veterinarian if they know any reputable Burmese cat breeders. You can also search for them online. The United Burmese Cat Fanciers and Cat Fanciers Association are good places to start your search.

A Burmese kitten can cost you around $500 and $1,500. Keep in mind that the price depends on where you buy the cat from. There are also other factors involve so make sure you keep that in mind. Burmese kittens usually cost less compared if you buy a show quality breed from a registered breeder. The lineage, breeding rights, pedigree, and full registration will also contribute to the cost of the breed you’re buying.

Are Burmese indoor cats will depend on who raised them. Keep in mind that buying a new kitten is a huge commitment so make sure that before you acquire this feline, you can provide for it so that they can enjoy a healthy, happy and long – life. They are long – time companions. When it comes to buying a Burmese cat, you have to ensure that you do your own due diligence regarding the breeder’s reputation because the answer to the question, are Burmese indoor cats depends on the reputation of the breeder you choose.

One of the signs that a person is a responsible breeder is if they welcome any question about their breed. They also regularly perform health check on their breeding stock as this will ensure that their litter only carries the healthiest bloodline. Another sign that a breeder is reputable is if have health certifications that confirm that the Burmese cat was properly screened for genetic health issues. We hope this article answered your question, are Burmese indoor cats? Stay tune for more posts!

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