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What are Burmese cats? The Burmese cat is created through cross – breeding the Siamese cat and copper cat from Burma (Myanmar today). What are Burmese cats? Let me give you a brief history of the breed. There are stories that a man named Dr. Joseph Thompson came from a voyage in Burma and bought from a merchant a small, chocolate – colored cat with dark brown points. The cat is called Wong Mau (copper cat) which was then bred to a Siamese cat with a seal – point named Tai Mau. The breeding program of Dr. Thompson created a new breed of cats that has pointed coats and has brown and beige color. The first litters of the Burmese cat looks a lot like Wong Mau and some have strong Siamese traits. In this article, you’ll learn the answer to your question, what are Burmese cats?

What Are Burmese Cats: Cuddle Cats

What are Burmese cats? A very famous description for the Burmese cat back then is a “brick that’s wrapped up in silk.” They have this kind of description because they sport a heavy and sometimes deceptively strong body. They also have a short and silky coat aside from its robust physical feature. 

The Burmese breed isn’t as large as the British shorthair cat and also not as lean compared to a Siamese breed. What are Burmese cats? In terms of their physique, Burmese cats have a compact body structure that is also well – muscled. They also sport a medium – size ears that have rounded tips and they also have rounded heads. They have large, expressive and round gold – colored eyes that are set far apart.

Height, Weight, and Size

What are Burmese cats? As mentioned earlier, Burmese cats are medium – sized cats but they are quite heavy because they have well – defined muscles with large bone structures.

Adult male Burmese can weigh up to eight and ten pounds while adult females can weight around six to eight pounds.

When it comes to their height, they stand at about 10 to 12 inches at the shoulder.

Burmese Coats

What are Burmese cats? Burmese cats have close – lying and short coats. It has a very silky texture compared to other cat species. There are four kinds of colors for the Burmese coats:

  • Sable: This is a chocolate brown shade including their paw pads and nose.
  • Platinum: This is a silver grey and pale colors with fawn shade undertones while the nose and paw pads have a lavender – pinkish color.
  • Blue: The paw pads and nose are slate gray, with medium – gray colors or sometimes fawn shaded undertones.
  • Champagne: The paw pads have a pink – tan shade while the nose has a light brown color. They have a honey – beige to honey – gold shade on their bellies.

Grooming Requirements

What are Burmese cats? When it comes to grooming requirements, since Burmese cats have short coats that simply means that they don’t shed much. The grooming requirements are kept at a minimal. You can just schedule weekly grooming for your pet. Most keepers use a rubber curry comb as this helps in removing loose hairs and also beneficial in distributing oils in the skin. You can also add a coat polish if you want your pet to have an extra shine in addition to their silky coats.

Make sure to must trim your pet’s nails and clean their ears to avoid wax build up. You can use a cotton ball to moisten the ears with water and apple cider. Unlike other cats, Burmese breeds don’t have weepy eyes. If you find any discharge in their eyes, you can easily remove it with a damp cloth.

What Are Burmese Cats: Temperament and Personality

There are lots of cat hobbyists that love keeping Burmese cats, and it’s because they’re a very rewarding cat breed. They are naturally affectionate and forms strong bonds with their companions.

What are Burmese cats? A Burmese cat is a great lap – cat, so don’t be surprised if they want to sleep with you at night. Most kittens are also playful, and they carry this kind of playfulness well into their adulthood. This kind of energetic felines can also play fetch just like a Golden Retriever! They love physically and mentally stimulating toys so make sure to provide them with such to avoid boredom.

What are Burmese cats? In terms of vocals, the Burmese breed is just as talkative as their Siamese ancestors but they have more pleasant vocals. They do have a sweet and low rumbling purr sounds. They are great household pets because they are very social cats. They enjoy playing with kids and generally get along with other family pets provided that there’s proper introduction and supervision.

However, they are also the kind of pets that may not do well if you leave them alone in the house for an extended period of time since they are naturally social pets. Make sure to have a cat – sitter if you’re going to go for long vacations.

What Are Burmese Cats: Health and Lifespan

What are Burmese cats? The Burmese breed has quite a long life span. They can live for around 10 to 16 years. Just like any other pets, if you as the owner kept them in good shape take care of their needs and health, they can surely enjoy a healthy, happy and long life.

A vet – approve diet will definitely help your pet against common illnesses. You may also need to have them check – up on a regular basis to prevent any issues before it gets worse for your feline pet. Make sure to give them annual vaccinations and follow an anti – pest regime to prevent your pet from acquiring fleas or tummy worms.

What are Burmese cats? When it comes to health issues, mixed – breed cats are likely to have health problems but the good news is that Burmese cats are generally healthy pets. They are however, prone to gingivitis and other minor cat issues. We will post more topics like this in the future, so stay tune!

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