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Why are Burmese cats so affectionate? The reason for this is because they are naturally social animals. They love hanging out with their owners, and they’re also one of the most loyal cat breeds out there. Why are Burmese cats so affectionate? They have a reputation for being a beloved breed and they also enjoy playing with children making them ideal family pets. In this article, you’ll know more about this breed and why are Burmese cats so affectionate.

Burmese cats came from a single ancestor which could be one of the reasons why they are a highly sought – after breed, and why are Burmese cats so affectionate.

According to Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA), the Burma cat breed named Wong Mau are brought to America in 1930s and was cross – bred with a Siamese. It eventually became the Burmese Siamese cat that we know today. The Burmese cat breed is one of the most popular pet for cat hobbyists today. 

There are many specifics to this breed making them stand out from other cat breeds. Did we mention that they sport a gold or yellow eyes? Below are more of their amazing characteristics and why are Burmese cats so affectionate?

Why Are Burmese Cats So Affectionate: Characteristics and Personality

Why are Burmese cats so affectionate? The Burmese cat is a medium – size cat that weighs around eight pounds and they also have a life expectancy of 10 to 16 years, sometimes more provided that you care for their needs and keep them maintained. 

Their original coats are dark brown in color but they can also come in lilac, red, chocolate, blue, cream and other shades of lilac, and red chocolate. Blue, sable, platinum and champagne are the official four colors of Cat Fancier’s Association. The coats of Burmese cats are glossy, fine and silky. Males are typically weighing more than females (around three pounds larger usually). They have a stocky and bony body type. Even if they are medium – sized cats they are quite athletic, flexible and strong – thanks to their compact body.         

Why are Burmese cats so affectionate? These cats stand out from other cat breeds because of their sweet personality. They have a love positive attention and are very caring to their keepers. They usually follow their keepers from one place to another, and they have a generally friendly disposition to their children. Burmese cats are lap cats and they usually want to be petted making them great family pets and a perfect cat companion.

Why are Burmese cats so affectionate? The National Alliance of Burmese Breeders actually recognize the Burmese cats as the “the ultimate companion cats.” They are also very clever cats, alert and have plenty of playful mannerisms. They enjoy cat toys and running around the house.

In fact, there have been cases where this breed can also play fetch just like a typical house dog. And since why are Burmese cats so affectionate, they don’t mind telling their keepers if they need attention. They will often be very vocal about it as well. The Burmese breed is just as talkative as their Siamese ancestors but they have more pleasant vocals. They do have a sweet and low rumbling purr sounds. They are great household pets because they are very social cats.

They enjoy playing with kids and generally get along with other family pets provided that there’s proper introduction and supervision. However, they are also the kind of pets that may not do well if you leave them alone in the house for an extended period of time since they are naturally social pets. Make sure to have a cat – sitter if you’re going to go for long vacations.

Buying a Burmese Cat

There are various places where you can start your acquiring a Burmese cat. For starters, you can ask your local pet store or a veterinarian if they know any reputable Burmese cat breeders. You can also search for them online. The United Burmese Cat Fanciers and Cat Fanciers Association are good places to start your search.

Burmese Kitten Price

A Burmese kitten can cost you around $500 and $1,500. Keep in mind that the price depends on where you buy the cat from. There are also other factors involve so make sure you keep that in mind. Burmese kittens usually cost less compared if you buy a show quality breed from a registered breeder. The lineage, breeding rights, pedigree, and full registration will also contribute to the cost of the breed you’re buying.

Why are Burmese cats so affectionate will depend on who raised them. Keep in mind that buying a new kitten is a huge commitment so make sure that before you acquire this feline, you can provide for it so that they can enjoy a healthy, happy and long – life. They are long – time companions.

When it comes to buying a Burmese cat, you have to ensure that you do your own due diligence regarding the breeder’s reputation because the answer to the question, why are Burmese cats so affectionate depends on the reputation of the breeder you choose.

One of the signs that a person is a responsible breeder is if they welcome any question about their breed. They also regularly perform health check on their breeding stock as this will ensure that their litter only carries the healthiest bloodline.

Another sign that a breeder is reputable is if have health certifications that confirm that the Burmese cat was properly screened for genetic health issues. The grooming requirements are kept at a minimal. You can just schedule weekly grooming for your pet.

Most keepers use a rubber curry comb as this helps in removing loose hairs and also beneficial in distributing oils in the skin. You can also add a coat polish if you want your pet to have an extra shine in addition to their silky coats. Make sure to see the premises where they raise and breed their litter. It’s essential that they are raised in a healthy and hygienic environment. You may also want to meet the parent breed of the litter to ensure that the kitten you’ll acquire has a great personality as this will contribute to why are Burmese cats so affectionate.

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