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Are Scottish Fold cats allergic? Cats make for adorable and fun companions. One of the popular breeds for cats is the Scottish Fold. Are Scottish Fold cats allergic? Scottish Fold cats have super cute aspects like their rounded face, large innocent eyes, and their famous, adorably folded ears.  Are Scottish Fold cats allergic? Before deciding to care for a pet, you first consider your ability to provide what they need as well as if your health won’t be compromised, as with allergies.

Cat Allergies

Are Scottish Fold cats allergic? Around 6 to 10 million Americans suffer from cat allergies. These allergies are largely caused by pet dander, a common allergen that all cats naturally produce. Moreover, there is also the protein Fel d1, which is produced by the cat’s salivary, sebaceous and anal glands. This is then carried in the dead skin cells, and it is the main reason behind allergic reactions. The allergen reaches the air you breathe and stay in your nose and sinuses, which triggers the reaction.

What can you do to minimize your allergic reactions?

Are Scottish Fold cats allergic? If you are determined to get a cat even though you have allergies, here are some factors for you to think about.

Keep the bedroom a cat-free zone.

Sure, you want your Scottish Fold to be there for you constantly. However, this is not a very practical nor sensible choice especially if you know you have allergies. Pet dander can travel through the air and settle on your pillows and bed sheets, making for some pretty interesting nights. You would want to avoid that, so it is best to keep your bedroom off-limits for your little furry friend.

Have boundaries in the kitchen too.

You wouldn’t want pet dander and other allergens to contaminate your food. For this reason, take some measures to cat-proof the kitchen. Have your Scottish Fold enjoy an area where they can let loose without compromising your meal prep.

Keep the home neat and clean.

Your home is your sanctuary, and so it should be neat and tidy. Getting a pet would require a bit more work as you would need to clean up after them constantly.

Make sure the air inside the house is clean and fresh.

You are constantly bombarded with pollution and city dirt, but still, you have to make sure you get fresh air at least at home. There are air filters and purifiers to help with this. Not only will they help filter out allergens from cats, they will do so for allergens from other sources as well.

Keep yourself healthy.

Improve your health by eating a well-balanced diet. Boost up your immune system with vitamins and nutrients as well.

Keeping Your Scottish Fold Cat Free of Allergies

Of course, you also have to make sure that the cat you are getting won’t be having allergic reactions of its own once you are living with it.

If you want to take care of a Scottish Fold cat, you should pay attention to the types of allergens that may pose a risk to their health.

Environmental allergies

Are Scottish Fold cats allergic? Environmental allergies can be seasonal, and some could persist all-year round. It typically causes irritation and inflammation on your cat’s skin. Symptoms are running nose, watery eyes, excessive shedding of fur, and sores due to scratching.

Food allergies

Are Scottish Fold cats allergic? Food allergies may be caused if you fed your cat, accidently or otherwise, of inappropriate foods like potatoes, grains, and mass-produced food full of harmful chemicals. It may cause irritation in your cat’s digestive tract. If you are observing some symptoms of food allergies in your Scottish Fold cat, you should have them checked by a vet immediately. Usually, you would have to feed the cat some raw food and add variety to their diet.

To help ease the discomfort of your Scottish Fold cat if it should happen to develop allergies, you can also use special products. These could include hypoallergenic shampoo and some skin treatment.

Keep your cat healthy.

Feed your cat a well-balanced diet too, with meats and fatty acids that contribute to their health and well-being. They will have shinier fur and will shed less too. If they produce less dander, then your allergies would be reduced too.

Brush your cat’s coat.

Scottish Fold cats enjoy grooming, and yours would love it if you brush its hair often. This will not only make your bond stronger but also will help remove excess fur and allergens that live in their coat.

In Conclusion

Are Scottish Fold cats allergic? Caring for a pet comes with a host of responsibilities. This is why before getting one, you should be absolutely sure of your ability to care for it and to make sure it will be able to live a healthy, happy, and loving life with you. You should be prepared to handle if your cat suddenly develops allergies, and you have to be able to stay with your cat through the tough times. These pets entrust their lives to you, after all, and they deserve to be loved and cared for.

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