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Scottish Fold cats do shed, but not a lot! The furs of the Scottish Fold Cat, because of crossbreeding, come in long and short kinds with unique patterns or one solid color. Scottish Folds with short fur – at a minimum – should be brushed once a week. If you’d prefer to take in one with long hair, then brushing should be done at least thrice a week to prevent matting and tangling of its fur. Scottish fold cats shed, and the long-haired sort will need much more brushing attention as it will be prone to matting and clumping. In this article, you’ll learn how you can properly groom your Scottish Fold cats, and further answer the question, do Scottish fold cats shed?

Frequency of grooming and how Scottish Fold cats shed this will then depend on whether you choose a short-haired or long-haired breed. It is bits of information like these you want to know before you even acquire one. It is essential at this point because you want to know what you need to factor in your time.

Indoor Cats

Scottish Folds should be kept as indoor cats, but should you allow it the daily supervised foray out into your yard, give it a gentle brushing at least thrice a week to remove debris it may have picked up during its time outside. Brushing will ensure that essential oils are distributed throughout its skin evenly and will keep its coat soft and shiny. Brushing your Scottish Fold is also a good time to investigate if it has fleas. If it does, unfortunately, contract fleas or mites, consult with your vet on what soap or shampoo is best for the situation.

Grooming Your Scottish Fold Cats

Part of maintaining your Scottish Fold cat’s shedding is through proper grooming. Don’t scrimp on supplies and equipment your pet will need. Invest in sound products and tune out all the marketing hype. If you choose right, you could save a hefty sum in the long run. These will last them quite a while if you get the sturdier sort.


Ask around and get tips from other cat guardians on where to get sturdy equipment for your Scottish Fold. There will be many products that will boast of this and that but just won’t make the cut in terms of durability or quality. Again, don’t get carried away by the hype. You can also check out pet websites which sell pet products and read through the ratings and comments of their customers to get a better idea of the products they manufacture.

Ear Mites

Contrary to popular belief, Scottish Fold cats aren’t as prone to ear mites and ear infections like other cats are. But a gentle cleaning of its triple folded ears on a weekly basis is strongly recommended. This avoids buildup of dirt and wax and is a good time to check for mites. When doing so, take a pad of cotton and moisten it with a 50-50 mixture of warm water and cider vinegar. Lift up the fold of the ears gently and lightly wipe the insides of its ears. This is best incorporated to your downtime with the cat when both of you are relaxed.

To Trim or Not to Trim?

Don’t neglect that its eyes need cleaning too. To clean the eyes of your Scottish Fold you need only to gently wipe its eyes with a soft cloth moistened in warm water. Be sure that use separate parts of the cloth to wipe each eye to avoid irritation or the spread of infection.

To trim or not to trim, has become a big question when it comes to clipping your cats’ nails. Since you will probably want to keep your Scottish Fold indoors you’d want to give it a once-a-month or when-needed nail trimming. Just like you you’d want to do this for purposes of hygiene. You also want to avoid major scratching damage to your furniture when nature takes over and your Scottish Folds’ instincts tell it to sharpen its claws on your favorite lounge chair.

Clip the Nails

Take its paw and gently press on it to reveal each nail. The rule of thumb is to clip a wee above the pink line.  To keep a squiggling cat from getting cut too far into its skin and to secure the other paws, some people have found that swaddling the cat in a warm blanket while doing this makes it safer for cat and guardian to carry out the task. The blanket seems to allow them a bit of comfort during a manicure. Which, observation has proved, they don’t really enjoy. This is not to say that this is true for all cats. You will be come to discover a technique best for you and your Scottish Fold as you get to know each other.

You also need to brush your cat’s teeth with mild toothpaste and a toothbrush specifically suited for cats.  Just like you it needs a good mouth cleaning. Unlike you, you’d only have to do it for your cat at least once a week. Make it a part of the grooming-time routine you have with your Scottish Fold.

Do Scottish Fold Cats Shed: Bathing Tips

The frequency and necessity for baths of your Scottish Fold will depend on a few factors, like the length of their fur and if they are indoor or outdoor cats. Scottish Folds who are allowed regular, supervised forays outdoors are advised to have baths at least once a week. This will clear its fur of anything it may have picked up whilst at play outdoors plus it will also lessen the instances of your Scottish Fold cat shedding heavily. In the event of your cat getting paint on its fur, avoid using turpentine or any other chemicals on its skin to wipe off the paint. The cat’s nature of “cleaning” itself is an innate trait of all cats and you don’t want it inhaling or ingesting toxic fumes or harmful chemicals. It is best to give your cat a warm bath instead.

Those who are kept indoors need not have as frequent baths and can be given one every fortnight.  Gently introduce it to warm water by dropping a few droplets onto its paw. Cup your hands and gently wet the feet, underside and bottom of your cat. Lather soap in your hands and gently rub your Scottish Fold until the soap is a mild lather. Remember to use soap which is pet-approved when giving your Scottish Fold a bath. Be sure to thoroughly dry them after the bath and those they are not walking around damp. This may cause them to catch cold and that would be something that can be avoided.


Keep in mind that you read the labels of products you may consider buying for your pet. As much as there are many upstanding pet merchandize merchants, there are a number of pet product producers who are merely out to make money. Many of these pet equipment producers use low grade materials that do not pass quality standards and might affect the shedding of your Scottish Fold. There are others which use chemicals that may pose a toxic threat to your Scottish Fold as well as your family. Another mistake you want to avoid is buying second hand equipment and supplies for your Scottish Fold. Remember that cats can get anxious about a strange scent in their midst. It is still best to get affordable, sturdy and new equipment your cat will need. We hope you learn in this article the answer to the question, do Scottish Fold cats shed?

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