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Are Weimaraner good family dogs? This is the initial question that would – be keepers ask particularly those who already have kids. So to answer this question, we first need to know where they came from and their origin story because that will help determine if Weimaraner are good family dogs? Weimaraner dogs originate from the city of Weimar which is part of Germany today. The Weim breed started around the 18th century but there are similar – looking canines that can be traced back in the 13th century France. In this article, you’ll learn the answer to your question, are Weimaraner good family dogs? as well as fun facts about the breed.

Are Weimaraner Good Family Dogs?: Fun Facts about Weimaraner Dogs

  • Did you know that Weimaraner dog breed was first bred by the Grand Duke of Saxe – Weimar – Eisenach known as Karl August? He ruled the city of Weimar from 1758 to 1815.
  • The Weimaraners are very clever that they are also known as “the dog with the human brain.”
  • Weim pups are born with pale blue eyes that are very striking. It eventually fades into an amber shade or a blue – gray color as they grow older.
  • The Weimaraner breed has a great sense of smell and they have also been used back then as a tracking dog to aid in finding missing people.
  • Weimaraners are very good swimmers because they have webbed paws.
  • These dogs were once used for hunting larger animals such as deer and boars. Hunting eventually became less popular which is why Weimaraners became used to hunting smaller animal breeds like rodents and rabbits.
  • Weim puppies are stripy in their coats when they are first born. These markings fade after a few days.

Are Weimaraner Good Family Dogs?: Appearance and Personality

Are Weimaraner good family dogs? Let’s look first at its physical appearance and personality. The Weimaraner breed has a muscular and athletic appearance, and this type of look is emphasized through their shiny and short coat. The breed weighs around 55 to 88 pounds, and they stand at around 22 to 28 inches. In other countries, the Weimaraner breed’s tail is usually docked to 6 inches. However, in other countries, docking of a dog’s tail is illegal wherein the tail is left whole which is why you might see some tails that reaches up to the dog’s hocks.

Silver Blue Weimaraners

Silver blue Weimaraner breeds have beautiful coats that are darker than the usual light silver – gray color with blue undercoats. This kind of variation once disqualified breeds from being registered as a true Weimaraners but fortunately this restriction has since been lifted. There are still some dog shows that don’t allow silver – blue colored Weimaraners to compete.

Long – Haired Weimaraner

Long – haired Weim breeds are mostly recognized by many kennel clubs worldwide with the exception of the AKC (American Kennel Club). Weimaraner dogs that have long hair usually have a slightly longer coat with more of a silky texture as well as some feathering on its ears. Their tail is also left undocked.

Weimaraner Temperament

Are Weimaraner good family dogs? The Weimaraner breed has various personality traits that are not commonly seen in other dog breeds. Generally speaking, Weimaraner strong prey – drive because as mentioned earlier they were used as hunting breeds back then. This is why proper training is required in order to help Weimaraner dogs manage their predator impulses and energy. Weimaraner makes good family dogs because they are very smart, and they also love playing with kids. You should find a way to create mentally stimulating games so that they can find an outlet for their energy. These dogs love to be around people all the time which is why the answer to the question are Weimaraner good family dogs is a resounding yes!

Are Weimaraner Good Family Dogs?: Weimaraner Mix Breeds You Can Choose From

Are Weimaraner good family dogs? Yes and they also come in cross – breeds that are gradually growing in popularity. The cute cross – breeds you and your family can choose from has kept the Weimaraner breed’s best physical features while tempering their nervous tendencies and hyper active energy. Popular breeds that are usually crossed with Weimaraner include Doberman Pinscher, Springer Spaniel, Flat – Coated Retriever, Golden Retriever, Entlebucher Mountain Dog, Cocker Spaniel and German Short – Haired Pointer.

For instance, crossing a Weimaraner breed with a Labrador Retriever often results to a highly sought – after dog called a Labmaraner or a Silver Lab. They are very beautiful and tends to be playful, active and very loyal making the Weimaraner good family dogs.

Another sought – after cross – breed is a Pitbull Terrier. This cross always results in a stockier and smaller dog that usually retains the silver coloring of the Weimaraner breed. Temperaments usually vary with the Pitbull Terrier cross breed but they are also very loyal pets to the point that they cling too much to their owners. If you acquire this Weim cross breed, they’ll be very keen to defend their keepers from potential threats which is why it’s best if you train them in order to avoid aggressive tendencies.

When it comes to trainability, the Weimaraner breed is relatively easy to give instructions to because of their eagerness to please their owners and their natural intelligence. What you can do to make sure that your Weimaraner becomes good family dogs is through looking out for a puppy school that specializes in training this silver breed. Dogs of this breed also learn well from other types of dogs especially if they are to be used for hunting. Keep in mind, that if you don’t train your Weimaraner dogs, they can be prone to bad behaviors as well as anxiety since they tend to become clingy.

The Weimaraner breed was bred as a hunting dog and is known for its stamina and very active energy. This is why they need to run long and hard every day, ideally for at least an hour so that he can have an outlet for his energy. These puppies are reputable and are prized by AKC registered breeders. It might cost you around $1,500 to $2,000 per puppy. Are Weimaraner good family dogs? for more info please visit the blog section of this website.

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