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There are keepers who are concerned with the health issues of a particular dog breed which is why they often ask the question, are Weimaraner healthy dogs? Fortunately, the Weimaraner breed doesn’t have many health problems compared to other dog breeds. If you want to know are Weimaraner healthy dogs, one of the health tests that you should carry out on the parents of the litter you are considering is called hip – scoring. Both parents must have good hips. The average hip – score for such dogs in the U.K. is usually 10. Ideally, you would want both parents to have a hip – score of 10 or below. In this article, you’ll learn the answer to the question, are Weimaraner healthy dogs? as well as the dog’s life expectancy and breed considerations.   

Are Weimaraner Healthy Dogs?: Coefficient of Inbreeding

Are Weimaraner healthy dogs? In order to reduce the incidence of your pet Weimaraner having health issues, it’s very important to check the coefficient of inbreeding or COI on any litter you would consider. This will let you know how closely related the parents of your puppy were. 7.5 % is the average COI for the Weim breed. You should make sure that the litter you are considering has a COI that’s around the average rate. Ideally, you would want to consider litters with a COI that’s around 5% or under 5% because this is the point at which the undesirable effects of inbreeding are starting to be noticed.

In the United State, you may need to ask for documentation from the breeder or source you’re going to acquire the pup from in order to support it. In the U.K, if you know the Kennel Club registered names of the dam and sire of a litter, you can check both their hip – score results as well as the COI for the proposed mating. This will ensure are Weimaraner healthy dogs.

The life expectancy of Weimaraner dogs is around 10 to 12 years. Are Weimaraner healthy dogs? If you provide the right food, attention and environment, then it will definitely contribute to your pet’s longevity.

Finding a Weimaraner Puppy

There’s always been a small group of Weim breeders in the United States who successfully produced excellent working breeds that are also competition in an all – breed competition. That group was formalized into a group called the Hunting Weimaraner Alliance which is a great source for litter listings. This organization required both parent breeds to have certain field qualifications in order to be listed.  This is another great tip on how to determine are Weimaraner healthy dogs.

If you are searching for a Weim breed for hunting purposes, then there are excellent litters that you can find but you might have to look longer and harder with other kinds of breeds to find one. You may also need to import a Weimaraner pup from abroad if you want to give yourself the best chance of having a good working dog. You can also find a U.K. litter that are sired or out of an import.

What to Avoid

When it comes to acquiring a Weimaraner healthy dog pups, you just have to make sure that you stick to reputable breeders. You should by all means avoid puppy mills that use unethical breeding practices because even if these pups are normally cheaper their health and condition are not guaranteed.

We also don’t recommend you to acquire a Weimaraner pup from pet stores because most of them also acquire their litter stock from puppy mills.

If you want to have a Weimaraner healthy dog thenit’s best that you only acquire one from a legit source and reputable/ registered Weim breeders to ensure that you’ll have a happy, healthy and ready pet for you and your family.

What to Look Out For

You should ensure that both parents Weimaraner breeds have taken relevant health tests. For socialization purposes, it’s always best to find a breeder who has raised a Weim litter in their own house preferably in a stimulating environment and not just from a breeder who raised a litter outdoors or in kennels. You can identify a good breeder if he/ she also ask you lots of questions about the circumstances and lifestyle of the potential Weim owner. Obviously, they should also be open to being questioned in return.

Weimaraner Cost

If you want to buy a Weimaraner healthy dog in the US, you can expect to spend $600 to $1,000. In the UK, Weimaraner puppies are currently for sale between £800 – 900. The price of male and female Weim breeds is usually the same. Breeders don’t typically charge more for females, and they shouldn’t be.

Raising a Weimaraner Puppy

Due to the predisposition of the breed to separation anxiety, are Weimaraner healthy dog are quite affected. If you work a full – time job, or you’re always out of the house, then the Weim pup is not for you.

Keep in mind that during the puppyhood stage, that’s where dogs need to learn that when people leave the house, they always come back – this is how they’ll learn to feel secure and safe even when alone. However, if you are separated from them most of the time or for longer periods, then they won’t learn this basic concept.

Night – times might also be challenging for your pet Weim for the same reason. There are other puppy breeds that are fine when left alone with minor noise but a Weim would want to stay with you by your side. What you can do is to let them stay in for a few nights and slowly introduce the idea of having a separate room.

Puppy Behaviors

Part of learning are Weimaraner healthy dog is if the pup has an unstoppable desire to retrieve anything they can find. This is a characteristic of pups in general however in the case of Weims, the urge to do this is usually greater than most other dog breeds. Puppyhood then becomes a never-ending cycle of removing things from your pup’s mouth. Make sure to move everything up off the floor to a place where they can’t reach eat.

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