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When it comes to the question, what is the temperament of Weimaraner? There are always exceptions to rules which means that there are some individual dogs that have a certain temperament. The Weimaraner has a reputation for having fantastic qualities, but when it comes to what is the temperament of Weimaraner they may also not be easy dogs and they can get very clingy to their keepers. In this article, you’ll learn what is the temperament of Weimaraner as well as their other behaviors.

What is the Temperament of Weimaraner?: Instincts and Tendencies

Sometimes Weimaraner dogs are also known as velcro dogs because this breed will always want to stay by their owner’s side, and a part of their personality is that they are emotionally needy. What is the temperament of Weimaraner? Let’s find out!

Separation Anxiety

Some owners love this quality of the Weimaraner though there are also some keepers who may not want a too clingy pet. The downside to what is the temperament of Weimaraner is the high incidence that they can suffer from separation anxiety which is why many owners give up their pet to rescue centers for this reason.

And for this reason, too, Weimaraners are not well – suited when it comes to living at home or be left in kennels. They also want to be alongside their owners and have an intense attachment. Part of what is the temperament of Weimaraner is that they’re also quite disinterested towards other people and aloof most of the time. So if you want a pet that would also do well with strangers, then the Weim breed may not be suitable for you.

Energy Levels

Weimaraners are very energetic and busy pets. And just like any other large puppy breed, they shouldn’t be over-exercised at a young age. But as they grow and mature, you will need to provide them with plenty of exercise opportunities which involve training them at the same time. They can be a good choice if you’re someone who is interested in an active dog sport such as canicross, agility training or working trials as these sports will surely make their athleticism and energy shine.

Destructive Tendencies

If Weimaraner dogs don’t get enough physical and mental stimulation, just like any other dogs, they will create their own entertainment but it’s usually at the expense of your house. When it comes to what is the temperament of Weimaraner, they may tend to get destructive around your home if they get bored. And since this is also true of many breeds, the difference for the Weimaraner is that they take it to a new level, sometimes to the degree to which you’ll not be able to accomplish anything else except meet their exercise needs, or just give them up to rescue which unfortunately is where many of them end up.

Perhaps the frustrating part of having super high energy is that it doesn’t translate across to their natural hunting instincts since the majority of the dogs are only bred for show purposes and as household pets.

Natural Instincts

What is the temperament of Weimaraner? It also includes them being very mouth – orientated. The personality of Weimaraner is in a way orally – fixated, and this aspect of their temperament can manifest in various ways. Despite the fact that their hunting drive has already disappeared from most lineages especially in the U.S. and U.K., they desire to do retrieving tasks are still there. Expect your Weims to have a natural ability in retrieving things due to a strong urge of just putting anything in their mouth.

They also have a strong desire to play tug and run after a prey which can also be useful as part of their training tool. They get motivated by food so make sure to incorporate that as treats during their training.


What is the temperament of Weimaraner? Part of their “bad habits” is chewing. This happens when the Weim undergoes through stress or nausea, and just like other canines, it is often expressed through the mouth – focused activities wherein they attempt to eat inedible materials.

Here’s an example. One of the owners of a Weim shared this story. Her dog has a difficult encounter with another dog, so what the Weim did was to turn to the nearest stick she could find and attempt to chew it in order to redirect the stress into this activity. Another instance is when they were on a beach one time, and the Weim is harassed by another dog, so what the Weim did was to ate mouthfuls of sand which eventually brought her to the vet and had emergency surgery to flush it out in her intestines.

When a Weim is feeling nauseous, they may also tend to eat blankets or clothes, and sometimes you may find them chewing their own toenails in an obsessive way which can be very hard to redirect or interrupt.

What is the temperament of Weimaraner ? In this aspect, the breed’s temperament is not just inconvenient, but can be a health hazard too so make sure to supervise your pet and try to learn how to read their behavior. However, not all Weims have similar issues, again this will depend on their individual characteristic and how they might respond whenever they are feeling stressed out.

Interacting with Other Dogs

Weim breeds can sometimes not get along with other household pets. Extreme aggression to a dangerous degree is not common fortunately but the breed can still be frequently aggressive or reactive toward other animals, especially male dogs. Female Weimaraners may be able to take a dislike from other dogs, or they might also feel to signal to the other dog to back off through aggressive stances.

Despite this, it is still possible to keep this breed even if you already have other dog breeds in the house, but just don’t expect for other dogs to like the temperament of your Weim right away. Make sure to introduce them properly and supervise them whenever they’re playing around. We hope you learn what is the temperament of Weimaraner in this article. For more info, please visit the blog section of this website.

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