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To keep your beagle dog food at a healthy weight, you should be careful with what you feed them. When selecting feed for your beagle, there are some consideration to keep in mind. For instance, the feed should have high levels of protein and other nutrients to help with your beagle’s growth and development. This will also help take care of their digestive system.

Beagle Dog Food Nutrients

Minerals such as calcium and phosphorus are also important, as these aid in the proper formation of your beagle’s bones. Beagle dog food is an active breed, meaning they tend to move around and play a lot. This energetic behavior sometimes leads to them developing problems in their joints and bones later on. Ensuring that they get the right nutrients for strong joints and bones can prevent this from happening. The feed you choose for your beagle should have antioxidants as well to improve and strengthen their immune system.

Beagles can weigh anywhere from 25 to 30 pounds. That said, what they eat should be enough to fuel their bodies. Typically, a beagle would require about 674 to 922 calories each day. Depending on how active your beagle is, the caloric intake could be adjusted. If your beagle spend a lot of time running around the yard or training, then you will need to feed it more calories. This is especially if your beagle is a puppy; beagles tend to use up less calories when they’re adults.

Choose the Right Beagle Food

Choosing the right beagle dog food can be a bit overwhelming especially since there are lots of brands available in the market. You want to ensure that your beagle gets the right nutrients at the right amounts, making them healthy and happy.

Here are what you should look for when considering beagle dog food.

  • The food should have complete and balanced nutrition. Checking the label on isn’t just for human food; it’s for dog food too! The product should have the complete and balanced nutrients for your dog’s age, enabling your beagle to get at least the minimum nutritional requirements.
  • The food should be rich in premium animal proteins. Animal-based proteins are recommended for a dog’s diet because they are a complete source of protein with all the amino acids your dog would require. Good sources of protein are red meat from lamb, pork, chicken, and beef.
  • The food should have low to moderate fat content. Pay attention to the fat levels in your beagle’s diet. Healthy fats are important, but they shouldn’t be excessive. Plant-based oils can help provide your dog with the right balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
  • The food should contain highly digestible ingredients. Dogs are carnivorous creatures, so they can better digest animal ingredients than plant-based ones. Adding prebiotic fibers and probiotic supplements can help improve the digestibility of your dog’s food.

Prone to Food Allergies

Beagles are known to be one of the breeds with higher chances of developing allergies, so it’s another thing you have to consider when selecting beagle dog food. Make sure the brand you choose doesn’t contain ingredients that your dog might be allergic too.

These are the just the guidelines to help you select the right brand for your dog. If you still are unsure and hesitant to commit without more info, that’s okay! Here’s a list of some of the top brands for dog foods perfect for a beagle.


Orijen offers products that cater to puppies, senior dogs, and adult dogs. They use real meats to produce their mix, including chicken, turkey, yellowtail flounder, Atlantic mackerel, chicken liver, turkey liver, chicken heart, turkey heart, and whole Atlantic herring.

They also put in healthy beans like pinto beans, chickpeas, and green lentils, along with other healthy ingredients such as pumpkin, butternut squash, carrots, apple, pears, collard greens, sunflower seeds, juniper berries, and chicory root.

The protein content in Orijen is is 36%, healthy fat is 41%, carbs are 23%, and fiber is 4.5%, making it a well-balanced choice for your pet.

Whole Earth Farms

Whole Earth Farms has several varieties, including grain-free foods for beagles with grain allergies. This variety has no corn, wheat, soy, by-products, artificial colors, or artificial preservatives.

Whole Earth Farms uses ingredients such as sweet potatoes, alfalfa, and blueberries, and extras such as rosemary, sage, and thyme in their mix.

Generally, the protein content in Whole Earth Farms products is 26%, healthy fat is 31%, carbs are 43%, and fiber is 3.9%.

Wellness Core

Wellness Core has a range of products perfect for each specific life stage your beagle is in.  Each mix is carefully formulated to meet the various requirements of each life stage, ensuring that your beagle dog food is given the right nutrients.

Wellness Core uses meats from turkeys, chickens, real ducks, and lambs, and they have varieties using fish like whitefish, herring, and salmon. They also add in a whole list of healthy ingredients like broccoli, carrots, spinach, apples, blueberries, kale, and sweet potatoes, flaxseed oil, salmon oil, chicory root, yucca extract, rosemary, green tea extract, and spearmint extract.

Wellness Core beagle dog food nutrients generally contain 34% protein, 29% healthy fats, 37% carbs, and 6.7% fiber.

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