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What essential nutrients can be found in cat food? The cat is an obligate carnivore. Cats need meat in their food to make it through. What essential nutrients can be found in cat food? Some feline foods will certainly try to proclaim themselves as “high healthy protein” only for it to be later exposed that the protein resources were soy, nuts, lentils or wheat gluten. This will refrain from doing. What essential nutrients can be found in cat food? Cats can just absorb protein from animal resources. The residential feline has the fastest gastrointestinal tract to body size ratio of any kind of mammal. This makes it extremely hard for them to digest plant based healthy protein.

Animal Fats

What essential nutrients can be found in cat food? You might desire to cut down on fat but your cat doesn’t! Cats demands conveniently absorbable fats in their diet plan for energy. Particularly, cats require omega-6 fats such as linolic as well as arachidonic acid. Fish oil, krill oil and also flaxseed are all great sources of omega-3 fatty acids yet you can additionally use poultry, pork as well as beef to obtain that healthy and balanced pet healthy protein too. You might desire to feed her something reduced in fat if your pet cat has pancreatitis.

Calcium and Phosphorus

Calcium and also phosphorus are necessary for solid bones and also teeth and also is required in your pet cats diet. Phosphorus will certainly help your feline metabolize protein as well as calcium aids those lightning fast muscles work. Little fishes like anchovies and sardines are calcium abundant since their bones are tiny sufficient to be edible.


What essential nutrients can be found in cat food? Pet cats do not normally consume as much water as they should. Their wild ancestors lived in completely dry climates as well as they obtained the majority of their required dampness from victim. Since of this, a modern-day pet cat has little instinct to consume water. What’s even more, felines can be fussy about what kind of water they drink. Feed your pet cats food that’s good and damp to make certain she’s remaining hydrated.


Your cat requires her nourishment as well as would certainly be better off obtaining them from food resources than supplements in their diet regimen. Cats can’t transform beta-carotene from plant sources right into vitamin A, so it needs to come from a pet resource such as halibut, liver and also kidneys. Beef liver is also an excellent source of vitamin D as are tuna, mackerel and salmon in your cats diet regimen.

To aid your cat have a healthy layer, vitamin E can be discovered in eggs. The B vitamins are vital to a cat’s well being as well as can be discovered in liver, brownish rice, chicken, fish and also red meat.

What to Avoid

What essential nutrients can be found in cat food? This is no time to obtain experimental. You might such as a little pep from onions and also garlic, yet your feline definitely will not. Onions and also garlic are a large no-no to a pet cat’s diet regimen! Raw egg whites could have looked like they benefited Rocky Balboa, but they’re except your cat. While felines can safely consume several foods raw, eggs are a large exception.

How to Make Raw Chicken Cat Food


  • 4.5 lbs chicken thighs, bone and skin included
  • 14 oz chicken hearts
  • 7 oz chicken livers
  • 2 cups water
  • 4 egg whole eggs or yolks
  • 200 mg Vitamin B supplement
  • 200 IU Vitamin E
  • teaspoons of light iodized salt (Use sparingly. Too much salt is not good for your cat.)
  • 2000 mg taurine

Follow These Steps

Step #1: Remove as well as throw out about fifty percent of the skin as well as 20% of the bone. Dice and piece the majority of upper legs into little bite-sized parts. Grind the remainder of the upper leg meat, bones, hearts, and also liver. Mix until well mixed.

Step #2: In big dish, incorporate all vitamin supplements, eggs, as well as salt. Include 2 cups of water. Eggs should be well whisked.

Step #3: You will currently have 3 major mixtures; sliced/sheared meat, ground meat/bone, as well as supplements beaten with eggs. Incorporate as well as mix all components completely.

Step #4: The leftovers need to be stored in a closed container that enables area for expansion as the food ices up. You can place a couple of days worth of the dish in the refrigerator as well as freeze the remainder.

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