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Looking for the best beginner pet bird to own? Look no further and get yourself friendly pigeons as they are the ones that are the most suitable. These highly intelligent, extremely fast in the sky, with a mild; and composed disposition, will surely make you fall in love with them. Also, their fascinating roles such as racer, rescuer, and great navigators; will not make you intimidated as they are also very affectionate, calm, and social. You’ll undoubtedly get along with them. 

Why Pet a Pigeon?

People keep pigeons as they can be used in racing, there are some who are motivated to breed them for shapes and colors. Some for fancy flying, some licensed to raise them for their meat, but the most popular reason is for companionship. 

Why? Firstly, they are very loyal and lovable. They recognize their caretaker and easily form a bond with them. Boring, does not come close to these birds. Secondly, pigeons are fascinating to watch and observe. If you are to keep a female and male one, their courting behavior on each other is entertaining, highly affectionate; and romantic in many ways. If you are to just keep one, they do silly things that can make you adore them, and catch you off guard. Also, feeding them provides stress relief; this is recognized by the medical community. They are hygienic, low maintenance, manifest calm; and mild nature that does not like to be inconvenienced by unnecessary noises, they both are social butterflies and solitary creatures. 

Care Tips for Pigeons


All animals benefit from an environment that is positive, as it nourishes both their body and mind. Preparing a cage for them should be in tune with their size, and as they are social; you can opt for starting with one, to a maximum of five birds in a cage. You know the saying, the more, the merrier. 

Their cage should be hygienic, and you are expected to coat the bottom with sheets of newspaper or paper towel and cover after with gravel. To condition and create an ambiance to their cage; put up small branches and stones to mimic what their habitat is in the wild. This small modification makes a small, cozy nest for them. 

Pigeon Dietary Needs 

Pigeons thrive on a complete and balanced diet in order to grow properly and thus to be healthy. Food is essential for them to have a strengthened immunological system, nourishing both physical resistance and cognitive capacities. You would want to feed your own high-quality commercial nixes especially made for pigeons. You would want to ensure it contains an adequate amount of fats, protein, carbohydrates, as well as vitamins, and minerals.

Furthermore, you are also encouraged to incorporate fresh and natural foods; such as cooked egg, which supplies lean protein, It’s shell also when crushed provides your bird with essential minerals. Vegetables and fruits are recommended to be added two to three times per week. They love mostly grapes and apples. With vegetables, they like to feast on carrots and broccoli, mainly. 

Physical and Mental Stimulation 

Friendly Pigeons do not have to be in their cage 24/7, it is actually dreadful for them. You can free them, so they can walk, fly, interact and express themselves confidently and freely. But, what if they do not come home? You ought to train your birds through positive reinforcement; you have to reward them with treats before and after you free them from their cage. 

When pigeons fly, they stimulate their minds, therefore strengthening them. Do not forget that these birds are intelligent, and they have a very developed sense; and forcing them to adapt to a sedentary and boring life will only backfire as something detrimental for both their physical and mental health. 

Hygiene and Health Maintenance 

At Least once a day, you are expected to wash your bird feeder as well as their water bowl to prevent the accumulation of excrement and food scraps. Do weekly disinfection of their cage and all of its decors. 

How do you wash your pigeon? Friendly Pigeons need regular bathing to keep their feathers healthy, and to account for overall cleanliness. To do so, you have to have a tray with three or four inches of lukewarm water. There are also bird shampoos, and you are to use it gently on your pigeon. Usually, regular bathing is once two twice every two weeks, and you are to spot clean them when you see debris, the dirt they may have accumulated from playing or flying around. 

Keeping them Healthy

Did you know that sunlight is the top natural medicine for friendly pigeons? Specifically; many diseases can be cured by merely putting them in the sunlight, just to make sure that there is enough air going through their cage and the heat is not too direct, as they might feel uncomfortable. Also, the heat Burns. 

Furthermore, get your pigeons to be vaccinated. Vaccination ensures that when they are flying, they will not catch diseases from domestic birds. De-worming should also take place regularly to prevent catching internal and external parasites. Making preventive visits to your trusted bird specialist veterinary at least twice a year is also encouraged. 

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