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California kingsnake, a gorgeous snake that originated in California kingsnake, as their name suggests is another snake that is relevant and is often talked about for petting. California kingsnake are gorgeous, if we are talking about their unique appearance, they are low maintenance, if we are talking about their care requirements and they are docile and quiet, if we are talking about their behavior. Let’s discover more about them, and see if it’s worth pursuing and petting, moreover if it is the right pet snake for you based on the fascinating and helpful facts about them. 

California Kingsnake Appearance

Cali kingsnake attractive shiny scales that are colored in brown or black, with patterns of either white or yellow bands. Their appearance is unique to every other snake to exist, making them really popular. 

Their size is just typically thin and small. They grow over four feet tall, another great thing because this will mean that it just needs a tank that is small, that would not take a lot of your personal space and your time for their maintenance needs. 

California Kingsnake Temperament, Personality and Behavior

They have a calm temperament. They are quiet, gentle and really do not become aggressive unless they feel threatened or uneasy in the environment they are in or in the behavior of people that surround them. 

With their calm temperament, you can be less worried when they are out of their cage, they are friendly; having them held by your friends is safe as well and reassuring. It is non-venomous as well so we can really bond with them.

They adapt well to the environment they were brought into. This is convenient when you have first bought them since your snake will not give you a hard time. It is as though the moment they step onto their new home, they have memorized it, get comfortable with it and feel safe with it. 

Lifestyle and Maintenance

They can be left alone and still be fine. These snakes strive well both with attention and with them being alone. Cali kingsnakes just like to spend their time being quiet, although of course, you are open to building a relationship with your pet snake. It will be helpful for both of you. 

They are very low maintenance; it is really helpful and convenient. Feeding them occurs at least once a week, their dish of water should always be full, and their shelter being warm, specifically with it at 80 degrees and attention every once in a while, and we assure you that your California kingsnake is at its optimum best condition and are very content, happy and lively. 

California Kingsnake Feeding Needs

California kingsnake, a fascinating fact about their name is derived because they are known to eat snakes, a species of their own. They eat even those that are venomous since they are highly immune to it, including rattlesnakes, copperheads, and cottonmouths. They are known to be cannibalistic.

Captive Diet

They can eat lizards, rodents, birds, amphibians and mice, and rats. Because they are not venomous, they thrive and kill by constriction of their prey, they have a very powerful constriction ability. They can even subdue their prey and eat them while it is still alive. 

Ten fun facts about California King Snakes

”Chain” kingsnake is another popular name for them. This is because of the unique color patterns that exist in their body. They are diurnal, meaning they are active during the day. When the weather is hot, they can occasionally be nocturnal, meaning active during the nighttime.

When they are feeling threatened, uneasy, disturbed, or unsafe, they release a strong musk odor. Following by vibrating its tail quickly, rolling into a ball, and getting in its defense posture.

They are solitary animals. Cali kingsnakes strive well whether they are alone, or whether they have a snake companion or a human companion. They need a snake companion, especially when they are hibernating in the cold weather. 

We humans benefit from them because of their amazing and vital role to our ecosystem. They control and manage rodent and frog populations and kill poisonous rattlesnakes. 

They are known to be harmless around us humans. Following the fact of the preceding number, because of them being harmless it is really a great beginner pet snake to have. They are very easy to care for; moreover, it is an advantage that they have such a calm demeanor in them.

They have a very strong muscle power, impressive knowing their small body size. This gives them the edge to win over their prey, no matter how poisonous or big they are. They have bad eyesight due to the positioning of their eyes on the sides of their head. However are able to see clearly in good close-up vision. These snakes live a long life, with ten to thirty years of life expectancy. 


We hope that all this fascinating information helps you to further get to know the ever famous and very attractive, and pleasing California King Snakes. They are indeed a great snake to get to know considering their pleasant calm personality and their strong capabilities. If you are considering raising one, it would be a great petting journey for sure, knowing that they really are pleasant to raise. Also, further research is encouraged, as well as really practicing what it means to be a responsible pet owner, because it is an obligation to own a pet, whether or not it is a snake or conventional pet. They all deserve to be raised and treated well. 

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