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Be confident

After introducing yourself to your snake, and have worked on handling it of any aggressive behavior, you can now begin to handle your snake outside its cage. It is very vital that you handle your snake with confidence. If you are still fearful or hesitant, your snake will be able to sens it and act the same way.

It is a nice idea to handle your Kingsnake under the supervision of a professional or long-time owner before actually getting one for yourself. This will guarantee that you are comfortable with your Kingsnake when you get it.

Wash your hands

You should always wash your hands thoroughly before handling your Kingsnake. Snakes have an excellent sensory organ so if they smell a scent of prey on your hand, your Kingsnake might mistake your hand for something it should eat.

Also, washing your hands before handling your Kingsnake helps prevent any foreign bacteria, germs, or parasites in your pet’s environment.

Provide support for its body

It is very vital to support your Kingsnake’s body when you are picking or handling it up so that it is comfortable with you and there is no strain put on its body. This is true whether you are picking your Kingsnake up with your hands or with a hook. Keep the first third of your snake’s body supported with either the hook or one of your hands, while supporting the back two thirds of your Kingsnake’s body with your other arm.

Keep in mind your “hook training” before putting your hands in your Kingsnake’s terrarium. Lightly pressing down on your Kingsnake’s head with a hook will give the snake an idea that it is not feeding time so there is no need to strike. Never grab your Kingsnake by the end of its tail to pick it up or move it. This can cause serious strain and fear to your Kingsnake.

Never restrain its head

Restraining your Kingsnake’s head can make it believe that you are a predator that’s trying to hurt the snake. Whenever you handle your Kingsnake, stick to holding it by its body, and avoid holding or restraining its head.

Point its head away from you

Until you know within yourself that you can properly handle your snake, it is a good idea to hold it with its head facing away from you. This will give your Kingsnake a chance to become familiarized to you and the motion of your hands or body without the danger that the experience may turn negative.

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