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A cat that will immediately turn the heads of everybody because of its notable hairless coat, wrinkled skin, and very large ears. Born in a very sleek, muscular body that is dense and is quite heavy for their body type, Sphynx cats are the new cat internet sensation. 

These cats’ heads are triangular, with a wide vivid blue set of eyes and very gorgeous prominent cheekbones, no wonder how they are really crowned to be one of the most attractive breeds of cats. At a glance, these felines may look entirely bald, but with a tighter inspection, they will often unveil a very fine, short coat of fuzz that proffers their skin the feel of delicate suede. These adorable felines also store impressively distinct markings upon their body that come in solid, tabby, or tortoiseshell. For personality, they are energetic, an acrobatic performer to be exact that are very much an addict for attention and affection. Moreover, they are friendly, loyal, very curious, and intelligent as well. They go along with every person of every age! Making it a very versatile cat breed, a cult’s favorite, to be exact. 

Now, if you belong to the lucky ones that bring these babies home, you might as well get ready to have everything you’ll be needing in raising your very own purrfectly. Keep on reading below to know the ultimate checklist of cat supplies your lovely sphynx will be needed upon arrival. 

Cat Food and Water with their Designated Bowls 

You can feed your Sphynx twice a day, morning, and evening, just as with very feline breeds. Make sure to always supply fresh water. Make sure to be hygienic with their feeding equipment too, choose stainless steel bowls for that extra protection from germs and durability for withstanding brokenness. 

Shop here: 

  • Cat Foods: Smalls, Stella & Chewy and Wellness CORE
  • Feeding Bowls: PETKIT, KatSupreme and Aivituvin 

Litter Box with a Supply of Liver 

Always keep your Sphynx’s litter box fresh and keep a necessary supply of litter on hand too. You will not like running out of litter, as it is worse than running out of toilet paper. 

Check this brands below: 

  • Suhaco
  • Nature’s Miracle 
  • PetSafe


Your Sphynx cat will need lotion to keep their coat extra moisturized, this is because they tend to have very sensitive skin that is prone to drying and chapping flaky skin. A little moisture after every bathing session is ideal. 

Brands to look out for: 

  • Fractionated
  • PetO’Cera Cats 
  • Burt’s Bees


Sphynx cats have sensitive skin, so it is best and smart to use a medicated shampoo manufactured specifically for them. These cats have oily skin since there is no fire to absorb the natural oil, so bathing and grooming these cars regularly is vital to their well-being. Your cat’s skin may also become dry, when you are to overwash it, thus following a 1-2 times a week bathing schedule for your Sphynx. 

What to buy: 

  • Burt’s Bees 
  • Earthbath 
  • Particular Paws 

Ear and Eye Cleaner, as well as Nail Clippers 

Sphynxs can produce a lot of earwax and thus, their big ears need to be maintained in terms of their cleanliness, several times a week. Since there is no hair to collect their wax, it might cause leaking that will further burden you as it can stain furniture and fabric surfaces. Nail clippers are essential to keep their paws on point and free from hurting you as an owner or those who are close to her. 

You can get yours in: 

  • 4-ALL PETS
  • Zymox Pet
  • Pet Republique 


Your sphynx will love toys as it possesses a very playful nature, and she will surely be loving a collection of it to cuddle, chase, and chew. Catnip toys are always a delightful treat to these cats. 

Sold in: 

  • Fotorama
  • SmartyKat 

Bed with Pillows and Cozy Blankets 

Since these felines do not have fur, Sphynx cats get very cold instantly. Plenty of warm bedding is essential for them. Of course, there is no doubt that you would want to make a wonderful place for your cat for her slumber hours, but sometimes, you will find your cat preferring to be curled up in your bed. Thus, as kind as you are, you’ll also consider buying your sphynx her own blanket. 

Do consider that if you live in what you can consider a very cold environment, you must buy a heated cat bed, or animal heating bad to make those winter nights joyful, bearable and all warm for your sphynx cat. 

Get yours below in: 

  • PetAmi 

Collar and Leash 

If you are fixated on believing that you would not be needing a flea collar for your sphynx, then you are wrong. Sphynx can still catch pesky and damaging fleas. While it is unlikely if you treat your sphynx as an indoor cat, a collar with a leash can still be used, for safety walks outdoors. 

Scratching Post 

Sphinxes also are notorious for scratching things that pass their sight, that is why a scratching post can save all your furniture. You can go and do it yourself a scratching post as it can be quite accessible on the internet, those tutorials. Otherwise, if you cannot afford to make one for yourself, you can check out: 

Check and check out at: 

  • SmartCat
  • Made4Pets

Cat Carrier 

These devices will go in handy from safely traveling you and your sphynx will start embarking on. It is convenient for veterinary consultations too. 

Add to cart at: 

  • Mancro 
  • IDEE
  • Prodigen 

Make sure to be ready for the arrival of your gorgeous Sphynx cat, you can really count on the list we have made above as the brands are top tier and worthy. After all, who wants to spend a lot of money on something that would not last and more importantly, a dress cat parenting in the making? Not us, and certainly not you. Happy pet shopping! 

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