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Corgi adoption is a strong thing that you can consider if you plan on keeping these playful little dogs as your companion. Starting from their birth, corgi puppies really love to play with their puppies and ask for affection as well as guidance from their owners.

The countrymen and kings during the medieval times in Europe would have adopted corgis before! During the 1100s, Belgium craftsmen were invited to the king’s court to live there. They were tasked create beautiful textiles. When they came into the court, they also brought their short and stout dog that was known for cattle and sheep herding. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi came from what we know as the Corgi adoption.

Both the Pembroke Welsh corgi as well as the Cardigan welsh corgi are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as official breeds. They look very similar, because they have the same origin story coupled with same stats as well as personality. There are two noticeable difference between the breed. The ears of the Pembroke are pointed while the Cardigan has rounded ears. Aside from that, their tails are of different lengths. Queen Elizabeth II is the number one fan of the Pembroke Welsh corgi, if this sparks up your attention.

Are You the Right Keeper for Corgi Adoption?

Corgis are very excellent for families that want to give love as well have the time to teach their corgis essential skills as they grow up an added factor would be their protection using their big dog barks.

Acquiring a Corgi puppy

It takes time and research if you either want to go through a breeder or adopting a corgi for your new corgi puppy, in whatever you might choose, this is your personal choice. There are many resources that you can use to help find a breeder or rescue. These places would offer healthy sourced corgi puppies.

It is both an important and big step for you to do if you want to get a corgi puppy, aside from that, this is the doing of a responsible pet owner. You need to be prepared to have a friendly and energetic addition to your family if you either plan to on corgi adoption or finding a responsible breeder.

It may surprise you but corgi puppy adoption is very possible. Based on the AKC, most breeds that come from rescues have reported that a majority part of their rescue dogs come from individual pet owners that surrendered their pet. The most common reason is the breed does not fit them or there is a change in lifestyle. To conclude this, it means that there are many puppies as well as dogs that are looking for  a new home.

The main difference between the rescue and a breeder mainly deals with the young puppies that you can choose from. However, the benefit of this is that most of these puppies and dogs have been micro-chipped as well as neutered or spayed. This simply translates as your pet being housebroken and does not need any common medical procedures. You can also get all the good traits of your corgi, but with an extra features added.

The AKC website as a good list of corgi adoption rescue places on their website. You can easily find your best suited corgi rescue in the internet.

Finding a Corgi Breeder

Researching is always the first step in finding the corgi breeder. Unfortunately, many puppy mills are posing as reputable puppy breeders coupled with many online scams. You need to be aware and do extensive research such as in online forums for conversations in getting your future furry family member.

You need to ask the correct questions and make the necessary arrangements such as meeting the parent dogs or just the mother. Aside from that, you should always follow your gut. If you think that the puppy is too good to be true or if you feel that there is something wrong with the breeder of your choice, it is likely that there is something going on. The AKC also gives additional resources in finding a breeder with good guidelines on the people they mingle with.

Corgi Temperament

Your chosen corgi is naturally playful, friendly and outgoing. However, they could be very protective and stubborn. Such with dogs with farming instincts, this breed could be very alert of all the things. Due to their attentiveness, they would pick up even the slightest of sounds or could notice if there is a change in environment and would often result in barking. In this essence, proper training is very important for your Corgi breed. Without training, your dog will become excessive barkers that would become quite a nuisance.

Because they are herding animals, They are also known to nip at their heel or even two. Their focus is mostly children. If you do not give them attention or activity, they would look for other attention. You can deal with this behavior through training. If you are really devoted to your pet, it will reward you with eagerness and loyalty and would be willing to please your family.

Corgis are known to be independent animals, with this in mind, you would know that they are very difficult to handle as well as become very stubborn. However, if you train them early in their life, this strong-minded breed would be very easy to manage. Your corgi is just like any order herding breeds. They are strong minded pets that would do anything that they please and would make up their own rules. Although they are small dogs, they act really large and tend to be in charge. The process of housebreaking corgi dogs would take you some patience.

Corgi Barking

This dog breed is known to be little barkers. As we have mentioned in the previous parts, these Corgis are very alert and the initial reaction from an unknown sound or person is for them to bark. This trait would make them great watchdogs because they would bark at almost anything. However, this is also a downside. You may need to teach your dog to trust other animals as well as strangers so their reaction would be not to back at any person or anything that might come near them.

If you expose your corgi to different sights and sounds as well as other people at an early age, your pet Corgi would not bark as often. You also need to socialize them with other dogs especially when they are younger for the same reason.

Barking could also be helpful if it is not a false alarm. So your dog should also have good instinct to recognize these threats. In training your dog, the barking should be properly associated while being reduced but should not disappear completely.

The instincts of your Corgi is very difficult to change. Your corgi would still bark if you leave them alone for a long time, this is a big deal that you need to think of if you live in a condo or even an apartment.

The following are the things that you need to know about corgi adoption. It is now your time to decide whether you want to own this dog breed or not.

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