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When it comes to dealing with problem behaviors; Teacup Persian cats are smart but they are not very active when compared to other breeds. This is generally a good thing because if you have a cat that is both smart and highly active; there is a high risk that he will find ways to get into trouble dealing with problem behaviors. Even though Teacup Persians don’t need a lot of exercise, if your cat doesn’t get the attention he needs; he could become destructive in the house or he might develop other problem behaviors like urinating outside the litter box or scratching the furniture. In this article, you’ll learn with how you can start dealing with problem behaviors.

The Teacup Persian cat is a very smart breed and he will always be paying attention to you when you spend time together; he will take his cues from you and watch how you react to the things he does. If your cat does something you don’t like, you should not punish him for it. It is very unlikely that your cat will connect the punishment to the crime; and he might just end up being afraid of you. Instead, you need to either teach your cat that bad behaviors don’t earn him the attention he wants or you should provide a more suitable outlet for the behavior.

When it comes to things like scratching, you should not try to completely eradicate this behavior. Scratching is a normal and important behavior for cats because it helps them to stretch their toes and to spread their scent through glands in the pads of their feet. If your Teacup Persian cat is scratching up your furniture; the solution may be as simple as providing him with scratching posts around the house. To encourage your cat to use them instead of your furniture; sprinkle them with dried catnip or use a liquid catnip spray. When your cat uses the scratching post, give him a couple of treats as well to encourage him.

Teacup Persians have very large, expressive eyes and they use them to communicate with you; these cats do not tend to be very vocal. If your particular cat does develop a tendency to meow for attention; you should not try to eliminate the behavior completely. You can, however, reduce annoying behaviors like incessant meowing by not giving in to your cat. If he meows at you for attention and you give it to him, you will only be reinforcing that behavior. If you want your cat to leave you alone while you are working on the computer, for example; just ignore him until he gives up. Eventually your cat will learn when it is play time and when it is not.

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