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Cockapoos can have different coat types because their parent breeds are also bred from different combinations of designer dogs which is why it’ll be really a surprise on what kind of coat or hair they’re going to inherit. The four coat types typically seen in cockapoo puppies are a flat coat, a wavy or ringlet coat, a straight coat, and a curly or poodle – type coat. You’re breeder can most likely know what kind of coat you’re puppy is going to have as it grows up because they’re the ones who bred the puppy in the first place. The coat will start to develop after a few weeks old to about a month; by then you can see if the puppy inherited the coat of a cocker spaniel breed or the poodle breed.

The cockapoos’ coats usually have a soft, silky or dense texture. It can also be hypoallergenic since they’re known for less dander or allergen and low – shedding qualities.

If the cockapoo inherited the poodle’s coat qualities, then their coat will more likely be tight and curly, similarly if the pup inherited a cocker spaniel’s coat qualities then you can expect their hair to be much straighter. The coats that are curly will more or less have low – shedding qualities, so you won’t need to worry about hairs being spread out in carpets or clothes. A curly hair doesn’t need much brushing and grooming as well. But even if your dog doesn’t shed that much they still need to be groomed weekly to prevent matting and to also maintain the coat’s quality. Below are the four coat types of cockapoos:

Flat Coat

If you’re cockapoo has developed a flat coat that means he has inherited more of the Cocker Spaniel’s hair qualities. Flat coats are very low maintenance and they’re also less likely to shed which means you don’t need to clip it all the time.

Straight Coat

A loose wave type of hair is what makes up a straight coat among cockapoos. Your puppy may need regular grooming even if they are also low shedders. You just need to clip their hair at least three or four times in one year.

Wavy Ringlet Coat

If your cockapoo has a wavy ringlet coat type, you can expect him to look like a stuff teddy after about 2 months. However, they are quite high maintenance compare to other coat types and may need regular grooming to keep the coat from matting. The good news is that they don’t shed as well.

Poodle Type Coat 

As the name suggest, the coat of your puppy will have that tight kind of curly coat that is still non – shedding but he may need to be well groomed and maintained.

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