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Do Angora rabbits make good pets? Yes they do! If you want to know more about them, it’s best to start with their history. These large, furry rabbits have been documented in the distant past and mention of them dates back to the eighteenth century. The Angoras of present day supposedly descended from a sort of Turkish rabbit bred for its very fine wool. Do Angora rabbits make good pets? It is said that sailors of yore recognized the value of these rabbits so they acquired some to take back to their home country, France. So that’s a good sign that they make nice pets! In fact, it was in France where the breed was said to be mentioned in a 1765 encyclopedia. After which it became a sought after pet amongst French aristocracy. In this article, you’ll learn do Angora rabbits make good pets?

Do Angora Rabbits Make Good Pets: Ready to Keep One?    

Do Angora rabbits make good pets? Angora rabbits are staunchly territorial, and in many cases, when they are kept together in one enclosure, they will end up fighting at some point. This is not true for this rabbit breed that prefers the silence and its own company.  If you are the keeper provide care and attention to your rabbit on a daily basis. There were, however; reported cases of multiple rabbits which were successfully kept together in an enclosure without fighting. 

Give them Space

Should you wish to have more than one rabbit share the same space, it is strongly recommended to introduce them to each other at a young age – in order for them to get used to each other, grow together and discover things as a pair. Keep a sharp eye out and watch for aggressive behavior. If this should happen, be ready to separate them hurriedly so as to prevent injury to any of the animals.

Do Angora Rabbits Make Good Pets: Angoras vs. Other Pets

Do Angora rabbits make good pets? Rabbits are generally social creatures with gentle natures and signature personalities needing just as much of your attention as a cat or dog would seek it. 

Adults often make the well-meaning but misguided mistake of acquiring rabbits to gift children. This is a major no-no as rabbits are not suitable pets for children. Rabbits require, almost demand, specific foods, environment which stimulate its faculties and specialized vet care who are learned, aware and up to date of the ins and outs of rabbit health care. 

Do Angora rabbits make good pets? If, and this is a big IF, existing pets like a cat or dog (or both) have been properly socialized and has experienced and been exposed to other animals without incident, then the rabbit should be safe and chances are high that they will all get along fine. Make sure that an adult caregiver is present for the initial meeting and can mediate the situation should it get intense.

Angora Rabbit Clubs

Many Angora Clubs have been founded and are committed to the care and advancement of Angora rabbits. The National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club, Inc. is “dedicated to the promotion and care of Angora rabbits” and is the national club for the four larger Angora breeds. The American Fuzzy Lop and the Jersey Wooly have established their own respective clubs which are the American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit Club and the National Jersey Wooly Rabbit Club. 

It was the first half of the nineteenth century when the first Angora rabbits landed in the United States. Back then all Angora rabbits were categorized together as one breed; the Angora Wooler. It was in 1939 when this changed and when ARBA started separating the Angoras into the French type and English type rabbits. These rabbits finally became distance and separate breeds in 1944. It was then they became known as the names they are called today. It was in 1987 when the ARBA approved the Satin Angora and was followed by the Giant Angora in 1988.

Other Angora Rabbit Breeds

Do Angora rabbits make good pets? Amongst all the rabbit breeds worldwide, and there are indeed plenty of them, the Angora breeds are the rabbits most outstanding. It is distinctively different from other rabbit breeds due to their gorgeously flowing, soft and supple wool. It is to be noted that Angora rabbits are prized by both rabbit enthusiasts and fiber artists because of their characteristic fur that has been sought after the world over since the discovery of its utilitarian uses. Discover more facts about these stands out rabbits and learn a little more about their varied appearances, traits and qualities. There are presently four breeds of Angora rabbits which are recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Meet the Giant Angora, the Satin Angora, the French Angora and the English Angora within these pages and see which one of them captures your heart the most. 

These four breeds mentioned above are the ones which pop into mind when people mention and think of Angora rabbits. This is partly because of their easy-to-recall names and their sizes. You will also learn a little about the Jersey Wooly and the American Fuzzy Lop, which are the other types of Angoras, who are notably smaller in size; these smaller Angoras (not recognized by the ARBA) do possess the angora wool – which make them uniquely Angoras – however, it would take a lot more rabbits to gain the same amount of wool one can garner it from one of the other larger Angora breeds. We hope we answer your question, do Angora rabbits make good pets? Make sure to stay tune for more blog posts!

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