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Do Bengal cats get lonely? If you’re considering keeping a Bengal cat, it’s important that you are aware of their behavior. Bengal cats can be demanding of your time, so if you think you can’t give them time, you’re better off considering other cat breeds because Bengal cats do get lonely. In this article, we will discuss the behavior and personality traits of Bengal kittens and cats, and answer your question, do Bengal cats get lonely?

Do Bengal cats get lonely: Personality of a Bengal

Do Bengal cats get lonely? Once you have already taken your Bengal cat home, you will notice that they are clever cats who have an energetic personality. They still somewhat have that wild attitude in them compared to other domesticated cats.

Bengals just love playing and hanging around with people, and they also enjoy a social and interactive environment. You will find them always trying to find ways to show off their cleverness. And because of this, most often than not, they could be demanding. They would always want to get your attention and your time.

Give Bengals Your Love

Do Bengal cats get lonely? The Bengal cat doesn’t care if you’re tired or if you’ve had a long day because they have been waiting for you all day to come home. Even if you don’t give them attention, they will do all sort of things for you to keep your eyes on them.

Bengal cats are also neat freaks. They love to clean themselves, and you can see this when it comes to their litter box. You need to ensure that their litter box is always clean, and it is placed in an area where they can have some sort of privacy. You will also need to ensure that the litter you use is the litter they prefer. At first, you need to try a couple of litter so that you can figure out what they like.

Another thing to remember is that you ensure your pet Bengal will use the litter box. You can ask the breeder who raised the kitten on what kind of litter they used so that you won’t have to experiment with other litters.

Bengal Cat Personality

When it comes to their personality, the Bengal breeds are extremely curious pets. They have strong reasoning capabilities which mean that they will always snoop around the house. You may find them always figuring out how things work compared to other cat breeds that won’t care about certain things.

Do Bengal cats get lonely? This only means that your pet Bengal can get himself into trouble especially when you leave them in their own devices. They will try to figure out everything in the house like learning how to open kitchen drawers and cabinets, dresser drawers, doors in different rooms including the front door, flush toilets, and just find stuff even if you already hid them. They are that smart!

Cat Gym for Your Bengal

Another thing you need to be aware of is that, if you happen to have home décor or furnishings, it’s probably best that you don’t keep a Bengal cat. One of the major reasons is that they will always try to leap as high as they can get to get to another thing. They will most likely see your furniture as obstacles, and when you come back, you’re going to find that your whole place is ruined, and your things damaged.

If you have this kind of setup but you still want to keep Bengal as a pet then the best thing you can do is to provide them with their own play area that’s big enough and secure. It’s best that you buy a cage and give them materials where they can do their cat business – scratch, climb, jump etc.

Do Bengal cats get lonely? You can find various kinds of cat gyms online or in pet stores that will be well – suited for your pet Bengal. If you don’t provide a cat gym, and you’re not at home for most of the day, you could be asking for trouble. Don’t blame it on your Bengal. They are just being themselves. It’s up to you to adjust to their needs and not the other way around since you’re the one who decided to keep them.

Bengal Care Tips

Bengal cats are fond of getting into the water. This is why it’s important that you know this in order to keep them safe. You should convert your plumbing fixtures to knobs instead of handles otherwise your cat will definitely figure out how to use it.

You should also keep the toilet lid down so that your Bengal cat won’t attempt to flush the toilet or worse swim in your toilet! However, there are some owners who train their cat to pee and poo in the toilet, so if you have the time to do that then go ahead.

Do Bengal cats get lonely? Once your Bengal breed has gotten use to his new home, he will soon become attached to you and would get as much attention from you. They would always want to follow you wherever you go and will do their best to get involved in whatever thing you might be doing.

This is also true if you’ve been gone all day. Bengal cats will miss you which is why when you come home, you need to make time for them. Don’t expect them to just sit on your lap and do nothing. If that’s what you want, then you’ll be better off keeping a lap cat.


Do Bengal cats get lonely? Keep in mind that Bengal cats are active cats and not couch potatoes. They would want to play with you and they will try their best to entertain you. You need to get used to this. If you don’t give them what they want, this can lead to unwanted behaviors. When it comes to settling down at night, you’ll be happy to know that many Bengal cats do appreciate being allowed on your bed because often they do enjoy sleeping with their pet parent. You might even discover that your Bengal may even talk while they sleep!

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