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Every cat breed is without a doubt, beautiful and pleasing to the eyes; but if we are to pick one that can easily; and remarkably stand out among the rest, it will be Bengal cats. They are fascinatingly beautiful because of their unique characteristics. Their appearance resembles a leopard; their spots and coats come in different combinations of shades that complement each other and they shimmer when light reflects them; making them look like they are soaked in glitter. They also have an obsession with climbing and water, which makes them stand out more.

If you are wondering how you could effectively raise them by yourself, here’s an educational guide to getting you started.

Basic needs to always fulfill

Feed your Bengal cats

Food is an essential need for any cat there is; and feeding your Bengal cat should be done responsibly i.e. you should feed them great quality cat foods that cater to their nutrition needs and have a lot of health benefits. 

You should feed them generously; but just enough to keep their weight at a normal rate, to know if your Bengal Cat is becoming overweight or already is, check their ribs and if you have difficulty in identifying them; cut back their food allowance by 10%. Afterward, you can gradually increase their food and treats as long as you can feel their ribs; to ensure it is still healthy.

Give them access to safe drinking water

Bengal Cats should have their own drinking station in order for them to quickly access if they are thirsty or dehydrated. This can help since cats can be stubborn to drink, but if it’s easily accessible, they will make the effort. 

Also, they are obsessed with water in general and love playing it, it fascinates them. Therefore; if they have their own drinking station, best to underlie it with a waterproof floor to ensure your safety as well. 

Groom their coat a little every two or three days

Bengal cats have a satin finish to their coats, making them easy to care for and low maintenance. Grooming will help in taking out extra furs keeping their coats as sleek as possible. Also, it is very relaxing to them and it will help in growing your relationship with them. 

Health and Well-being

Visit the vet on a regular basis

This is vital since taking care of any animal, regardless of what they are; regular check-ups aid in them having a long, lively, and healthy life. Doing this will help in effectively treating diseases they have; or help unfold underlying health problems as early as possible if they happen to have one 

Vaccinations should take place when they reach six weeks of age to give them temporary protection

Repeat this again when they reach ten weeks of age, and when they reach fourteen weeks. The vaccines are for distemper and rabies, but you can opt for feline leukemia and chlamydia; for maximum care since they hold a certain amount of risk to that. 

Having your cat undergoes de-sexing

This is done usually when they are five to six months of age to avoid them being breeding stock. Having your cat undergoes de-worming. This is always the right thing to do to help with their gut health.

Consider having insurance for your Bengal Cat

This can be viewed as an unnecessary expense. But it will surely help tremendously if your cat suddenly has a medical emergency. This will cover a lot of portion on vet bills, operations to take place; and medicines helping you to lift the burden out of your chest. 

Making your Bengal Cat Happy

Bengal cats should be given an adequate amount of attention

They are highly active, always alert, and always ready to play. They like to socialize and bond, it keeps them in a great headspace since the opposite of not giving them attention is them being destructive and anxious. Make time for them. It is great for both of you to help in forming bonds and connections.

Make them climb

Bengals love to climb. For them, the higher, the better, the happier. Buy or make them a floor-to-ceiling cat gym that has lots of nest boxes and platforms, they will enjoy them tremendously and will keep their paws off of your curtains or your cabinets. 

Give them toys to provide them with their daily dose of mental stimulation

Bengals are intelligent and energetic, that’s why an outlet for them to express this is necessary every day, otherwise, if they are not being provided, they might be shredding your furniture. 

Always love your Bengal

Love beats all. Love means unconditional caring, support, and affection. Loving your pets will really help in making them the happiest and the healthiest. In return, you’ll be surprised by how you can change in turn a livelier, happier version of yourself as well. It is a win-win thing to do, for love is something we cannot be exhausted from doing. 


Bengal cats are not as complicated to raise as we make them be, their uniqueness does not have to get in the way of properly raising them. With that being said, all these tips and more, feel free to add care tips if you have your own unique way of doing so and will assure you that you’ll be doing a great job in raising Bengal cats. Remember to always make time in bettering yourself in topics of responsible pet ownership, for it is always the right thing and fulfilling thing to do. 

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