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Do Boxers bark? Just like any other dogs, boxers do bark. He will want to alert you when something unfamiliar is headed your way. He’s that protective of you as his owner. Do Boxers bark? Your pet will most likely bark whenever you leave the house, or when he sees another dog pass by your house. You can train them to only bark at appropriate times especially when he’s doing his boxer dog duties, or when he’s just trying to be silly around you. In this article, you’ll learn more about the topic do Boxers bark?  

A Boxer puppy needs a space to roam around in, and you also need to provide them with enough mental and physical stimulation otherwise they will trigger barking tendencies. You have to keep in mind that they are active dogs, which means they need an outlet for their energy. If you don’t provide one, it will trigger barking which can become a problem down the road.

Make sure to engage your pup with physically and mentally stimulating activities such as exercise, food puzzles, toys, and physical/ intellectual games.

Do Boxers bark? According to dog trainers and experts, a Boxer pup typically wiggles, dock its tail, and bark whenever they want to get your attention or play with them. You can help them stop unwanted barking habits in the future by simply attending to your puppy’s needs. They also highly recommend that you introduce various sights, sounds and experiences for your Boxer pup to keep boredom at bay. 

Do Boxers Bark: Types of Barking

Do Boxers bark? Yes they do, but they don’t just bark for no reason. Usually, when a dog barks, they are implying something. They may want to communicate with you, they may feel anxious at the moment about a certain thing, or they are feeling some form of pain in their bodies.

Barking to Communicate

A Boxer dog most likely barks because they don’t trust some strangers. But expect them to quickly retract their guards once he is already confident that those strangers are of no threat to you or him for that matter.

Do Boxers bark? Boxer dogs can hear noises up to 60 Hertz while humans can only hear up to 20 Hertz. This refers to frequency and not volume. It only means that your dog is hearing way more than you which is why if they pick up an unfamiliar sound, they will naturally alert you. For instance, they can already hear the trash truck even if it’s still quite far away.

According to experts, Boxer dogs bark in order to identify themselves to other types of dogs in the neighborhood. Boxer dogs are naturally outgoing and silly; they need to have some form of extensive socialization outside of your home.

Barking because of Anxiety

Do Boxers bark? If your pet doesn’t get to have enough exercise at six months, your pup can easily go into a high – pitch bark. This kind of bark gets stronger as his anxiety increases. A dog usually feels tense especially when his/ her owner doesn’t return home. They hate being separated from their owners causing them to have separation anxiety. This will result to them barking loudly and running around in circles especially when your doorbell rings. They will always feel some sort of fear that something bad will happen. A Boxer dog also feels anxious whenever his territory or space is invaded by other dogs or household pets. They also get anxious if you remove their favorite blanket or if say, you re – arrange their feeding area. In short, they don’t like uncertainty and unfamiliarity.

Do Boxers Bark: Training Your Pet to Bark Appropriately

Do Boxers bark? A boxer dog will naturally protect himself, his keepers, his pack and his territory. It’s essential to not train them to remove all the necessary barks they have or take away their main communication tool. According to experts, harsh training techniques for a dog to not bark can have negative and serious consequences on the trust that you are trying to build with your pet. Experts highly recommend using a clicker – based method. You can do this every time your pet gets overly excited when someone is knocking at your door. Simply push your clicker and send him back to his turf because this will tell him that there’s nothing to worry about. 

After checking out whatever trigger your dog’s barking, make sure to pat him or give him a treat for learning to calm down. If you don’t have time to train your pet, we highly recommend you to find a qualified trainer that will teach your dog the clicker method. We hope you learned the reason when it comes to why do Boxers bark. Stay tune for more posts!

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