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Do dachshunds bark a lot? Dachshunds were originally bred to be hunting dogs. Just like other hunting dogs, they are inclined to bark – a lot.  Do dachshunds bark a lot? Their bark can be quite loud despite their small size as well. Many dachshund dogs get sensitive to the change in their surroundings. This increases the likelihood of excessive barking. The good news is that, potential or existing dachshund owners can take various steps to prevent and eliminate excessive barking. In this article, you’ll learn do dachshunds bark a lot?

Do Dachshunds Bark a Lot: Steps You Need to Follow


You need to create a surrounding that will minimize your pet’s reasons for barking. Typically, they bark because they don’t get enough exercise, so take your pet out for at least 30 minutes every day. Just like other dogs, dachshunds also tend to suffer from boredom, separation anxiety and loneliness if they are left for alone. You need to consider putting your pet in a comfy crate and provide them with a chew toy. Make sure to leave your dog frequently or train them so that they will get used to you leaving. If you can’t do that, it’s best to provide a company, or leave them to a day care for the rest of the time that you’re away. Keep in mind that an isolated dog is not a happy dog. Anxious dogs like to bark at things but the main reason why they do that is because they don’t get enough socialization. Expose your pet to various people, pets and places while he/ she is still a puppy. Continue to do this as your pet grows old so that he/ she won’t be anxious and just randomly bark at everything that moves.


Make sure to teach your pet with the Quiet command. When your pet is calm, you can approach him then say the word “quiet.” You can use the training clicker and then follow it up with a treat. Make sure to repeat this training 5 to 10 times a day.


Make sure to practice the quiet command whenever your dachshund starts barking. You can wait until he/ she stop then say the word and click the clicker. Don’t forget the treat! This will ultimately help your pet to develop an association that being quiet also means getting treats. You need to repeat this exercise every time your dog barks. After once a week, start using the quiet command when your dachshund is barking.


Teach your pet the “Bark or Speak” command. When your dog is barking, say the command, click your training clicker, and give your Dachshund a treat. Repeat this process several times a day until the dog has learned to bark on command.


Command your pet to bark. Use the “Quiet” command to stop the barking. Click the training clicker and give the dog a treat. Now you can practice the “quiet” command even when he/ she is not voluntarily barking at a perceived threat.

How to Lessen Excessive Barking

Putting your excessively barking Dachshund into its crate can stop their barking. This is because the crate can provide your pet with a sense of security. Your action will also redirect your pet’s attention. However, a dog’s crate should always be a place of happy retreat, not punishment. Always practice positive reinforcement.

Your vet may recommend that you get anti – anxiety meds if severe anxiety is the cause of your pet’s barking. Make sure to consult your vet about the advisability of trying different products like a herbal anti – anxiety food drops. You can have your pet have a citronella collar as it can minimize barking. This won’t also inflict pain as you work on training your pet dog. The collar will spray unpleasant odor of citronella right into your dachshund’s nose each time he barks. There are also various anti – bark devices that are available. However, none of these measures addresses the cause of the barking but more on just preventing excessive barking.

There are aversive ways that could work in the short term but may not eliminate barking that caused by anxiety. The collar will also not stop your pet from barking when you’re not around. Reward – based methods or positive reinforcement are perhaps more effective. If you keep yelling at your dog every time he/ she barks, the barking will most likely increase instead of alleviating it. The reason why they bark is usually because they demand attention. 

Howling Dogs

Whenever your pet dachshund gets lonely, they will exhibit unwanted behaviors like barking and howling. Although there could be a lot of reasons why they do this, the primary reason is because they simply want you and your attention.

The reason why your dachshund is howling is because they know it will attract your attention and they think that this will cause you to come back. This is the same with barking; if you have responded to their vocal cues before, your pet will most likely do it again.

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