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Like most tiny breeds, the Morkie is a fairly high energy dog.  And yet they will not need too much exercise, either.  This is because their energy consumption is also fairly high.  A short, daily walk once or twice a day for about 20 to 30 minutes each day can be sufficient.  If he is still energetic and restless after these walks, you can probably shake things up with games such as fetching, for instance, or by increasing the length of their walk.  As with any dog, insufficient exercise can lead to destructive behavior.

While Morkies are good with children, you should make sure that they are not exposed to too much rough housing because they will injure quite easily.  If you do have children in the house, it is probably best to teach them early on the boundaries with playing with the Morkie – for the safety of all.  It is probably best for these play sessions to be supervised affairs. 

That said, Morkies love the company of his human family, and his natural playfulness means that he will also enjoy games and playing with his owners.  If you do take him out for a walk, make sure that he is properly leashed and that he has his ID tags on his collar.

Consult with your veterinarian at first as to the proper exercise requirements for your Morkie.  Thereafter, simply pay attention to your dog’s daily state.  If he is too energetic when you come home, he probably needs more exercise.  If he is too tired, he probably needs less.  If he seems bored, then you probably just need to shake things up a bit with some variety and games that will appeal to his playful, and oftentimes silly, nature.

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