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Guidelines in training your rottweilers is something that would benefit both you and your pet. Through it, you’ll be able to build a positive and healthier relationship with your dog based on respect and mutual trust. Guidelines in training your rottweilers, you’ll be able to teach him life skills on how to live in a home environment successfully. It helps increase your dog’s sociability that will help him gain confidence, learn good manners, and prevent aggression. Guidelines in training your rottweilers is an effective way to further intensify the loyalty of your pet and its companionship.

How to Train Your Dog

Being able to train achieve obedience from your dog will sure feel rewarding. You don’t have to spend money in training your dog, all you have to need is time and patience for your pet. Here are some general guidelines on how to train your rottweiler dog:

  • Let your dog recognize his own name. In this way, it will be easier to call his attention. Say his name more often whenever you are petting, training and playing with him. If you called his name and he responded quickly, it means he already learned his name.
  • Schedule and spend enough time when training your dog. Set aside at least 15-20 minutes every day.
  • Be sure that you are calm and ready to train your dog. It will take lots of patience in order to effectively train your dog.
  • Prepare the proper equipment you need like the leash and collar.
  • Whenever your dog did something great, give him a reward and praise him immediately so that he’ll be able to associate the reward with the command you have given.
  • You have to be consistent. Make sure that you have a clear connection with your dog and that he’ll know if hit or miss your commands.
  • When you’re teaching your dog an important or difficult command, you may consider giving him a high-value treat.
  • Do not get frustrated and reinforce each command with anger. Never raise your voice just because you want to get his attention.
  • Do not feed your dog with a large meal before training, the more your dog wants the treat the more he’ll be focused.
  • Make sure to end each training period on a positive note. He may not be able to master all your command he’ll definitely remember your love and care.

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