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Mini pigs especially the young piglets do not have full bladder control, so if you don’t want any litter around your house, you have to train them while they’re young.

When it comes to potty training you have three options; you can use a litter pan inside, train them to poop outside or both. Usually it’s better to do both. Changes in the weather may not permit your pig to defecate outside that’s why you should train them using a litter pan inside the house. Young pigs need to start off with small litter boxes or pan until they are old enough to litter outside. Pigs do not want to soil their shed so it’s better to put the litter box in a corner far away from where they sleep or eat but near enough so that they can easily find and remember it.

Here are some tips on how to potty train your pig inside the house:

  • Put them in their potty box as often as possible, ideally after they eat and drink. Use reinforcement training and say “Go potty,” they’re intelligent creatures so if you make potty training in a litter a habit they will surely retain it.
  • Make sure the litter pan is low enough so that your pig can easily enter.
  • Do not change the potty spot as much as possible; make it a permanent litter spot for your pig. Once they learned where the spot is, they will always go there to poop because they have already developed it as a habit.
  • Be prepared for “potty accidents” on the carpet or flooring.
  • Make sure your mini pig mastered their potty training before you let them roam around your house.

Here are some tips on how to potty train your pig outside the house:

  • Put up a confined or small area where they can poop
  • After eating or drinking, take them outside in their designated potty area
  • Use positive reinforcement, say phrases such as “good girl/boy” as well as commands such as “go poop”
  • It’s better to give them treats after they have successfully poop outside
  • It will also help if you consistently take them outside when pooping for the first few weeks until they have mastered going on their potty spot by themselves.

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