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It is best to prepare your home before your pet arrives. ‘Puppy-proofing’ your home will result to protecting your puppy from various hazards and avoiding unwanted accidents. Here, we will provide you with several guidelines in keeping your shih tzu puppy happy and safe:

  • Install fences, a screened porch or a safe enclosure.
  • Make sure that poisonous plants are out of reach for your puppies.
  • Do not leave your appliances plugged, as mentioned earlier, they will chew anything including electric wires, not only is this potentially fatal for your pup but also a dangerous threat for your home.
  • Train your dog to always be on leash when walking around the neighborhood.
  • Make sure to keep lots of pup toys out and put anything precious and destructible away.
  • Make sure to keep away toxic liquids or materials like cleaning supplies or other household items that can harm them.
  • Make sure that your pup/pup will not be able to enter bathrooms or kitchens alone because it can be dangerous for them. Always supervise and keep an eye on them or better yet lock the doors so that they can’t easily enter.

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