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How to puppy – proof your shih tzu? Shih Tzus are known to be lovable and cuddly breed of toy dogs. They are bred to become housedogs because they love to follow his humans in different rooms in the house. They make great companion for senior citizens as they love to snuggle and cuddle their owners. How to puppy – proof your shih tzu? Another good thing about this breed, they don’t need much exercise than the usual playing around the yard. Having a dog as a companion is a difficult task. Although Shih Tzus are known as being gentle, lovable, and easy to deal with. How to puppy – proof your shih tzu? You need to make sure that you know everything about their breed.

All About the Shih Tzu

Traditionally called “Shih-tzu Kou” or “Lion Dog”, this breed was admired by the Imperial court due to facial features that resembles a lion which is known as the animal ridden by Buddha to go to earth. This little breed was an exclusive property of the royal court during the Ming and Manchu dynasties. Aside from this, Shih Tzu were used as bed warmers, sometimes placed at the feet of emperors, and carried inside the robes of noble people. These little furball had disappeared after the Chinese imperial rule; fortunately, some dogs were presented to foreigners. All Shih Tzus descend from only 14 dogs. Soon enough, this breed are spread all over Europe and USA because they were given as gifts to the noble people.

Puppy Needs

How to puppy – proof your shih tzu? Shih Tzus are great with other household pets. They get along well with other dogs or animals. You just need to take precaution when introducing a Shih Tzu puppy to an older pack; it will slightly have a hard time coping, especially when it figures out who the Alpha Dog is.

Make Them Comfy

You can buy a small dog bed for your Shih Tzu, but don’t let that hinder you to buy a bigger bed. Buying a bigger bed means giving your dog bigger space to move and sleep on. You can add disposal pillows and bed sheets to make it more comfortable for your Shih Tzu. Disposal pillows are ideal because puppies like to bite and play with them and soon will destroy them.

The Right Environment

Based on some interviews, new puppies like to sleep on a place where they would feel safe. This is a normal attitude as they may still be adjusting to a new environment, so don’t force them to sleep on their designated place yet.  It is totally your decision if you want to buy a cage for your Shih Tzu. Caging your Shih Tzu might be a bad idea. The dog might not be as affectionate as you want to be. Further, they might not like staying at a cage because they like to play and cuddle with their humans.

Clean Puppy Kit

Food and water bowls are essential to your pet. It comes in all shapes and sizes but you need to find the one that suits best your dog. Shih Tzus are relatively small breeds, they can use small to medium sized bowls. It is best to buy stainless steel and ceramic bowl because they don’t gather much bacteria unlike plastic. These food and water bowls will be used for a long time, so you need to buy sturdy materials that would not bulge when it plays with the bowls.


Shih Tzus are playful creature. Make sure they have enough toys hanging around so they can be occupied and won’t chew on your furniture. There are a lot of toys available on the market; you need to utilize these things as they can be both beneficial and harmful for your dogs. It is beneficial because you can use this for housetraining and commands, they can learn easily through rewards and treats. However, if your dog has too many toys, it might get confused and not follow you anymore. You need to prioritize and choose the best possible toy for your beloved fur ball.

Don’t Let Them Loose!

How to puppy – proof your shih tzu? Buying a collar for your Shih Tzu is important. Collars are used to attach your dog’s license and tags. Make sure that the collar is just about the right size, it should not be too loose or too tight for it. A leash in an important accessory to buy for your dog, it gives you the chance to walk your Shih Tzu with ease.

Puppy – Proofing Tips

Tip#1: Fences

Protect your pup from various household hazards to eliminate any unwanted accidents or situations by dog proofing your house. This should be done before your pet arrives or before you take them home. You need to provide fences, a screened porch or a safe enclosure. Be sure to dog-proof your yard so that your dog could experience the outdoors safely.

Tip#2: Toxic

How to puppy – proof your shih tzu? Remove any poisonous plantssincedogs are naturally curious, and likes to chew anything. If your dog chew any plants, even the non-poisonous ones can cause vomiting and diarrhea or fatality. Install padded perches indoors near a window frame or in your patio so that your pet could enjoy and hang out but do not leave your doors and screens unlocked.

Tip#3: Chew Materials

Do not leave your appliances plugged, as mentioned earlier, they will chew anything including electric wires, not only is this potentially fatal for your dog but also a dangerous threat for your home. Buy a harness and train your dog to walk on a leash when going around the neighborhood.

Keep In Mind

How to puppy – proof your shih tzu? Consider buying a ready-made dog tree to provide climbing opportunities for your dog inside. Make sure to keep lots of dog toys out and put anything precious and destructible away.  Keep away toxic liquids or materials like cleaning supplies or other household items that can harm them. Make sure that your puppy will not be able to enter bathrooms or kitchens alone because it can be dangerous for them. Once your dog arrives, you can observe it as it explores and become familiar with your home, you’ll and also get to discover some things you need to puppy proof.


How to puppy – proof your shih tzu? Taking care of a Shih Tzu is not an easy task. You need to know the ins and outs, starting from how it will live, the vet requirements, exercise needs, supplements, and many more. Raising a Shih Tzu is just like raising your own child, you should take care starting from its first steps until its last breathe.

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