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How much do Bengal kittens cost? When it comes to buying Bengal kittens, you will discover that there are lots of quotes for prices out there. How much do Bengal kittens cost? This is because of various factors like the breeder, whether the kitten/ cat are spayed/ neutered or vaccinated etc. In this article, we will answer your question, how much do Bengal kittens cost?  

How much do Bengal kittens cost: Generation Ratings

You already may have an idea about what Bengal cats are through various articles or videos online, before we get to how much do Bengal kittens cost? We will first give you some facts about Bengal kittens and cats.

The Bengal breed is a domestic cat that was crossed with an Asian leopard cat. This is the main lineage that led to Bengal breed that we now know today. Bengal kittens typically receive ratings based on how many generations have been removed from their wild cat ancestors.

When a professional breeder crossbred an Asian Leopard and Bengal cat, the kittens are considered as F1s. When one takes an F1 female and breed it with a male Bengal, the kittens they will produce will be considered as F2s.

When a professional breeder take and breed an F2 with a male Bengal, the offspring that they will produce will be considered as F3s. Lastly, when a breeder breed an F3 with another male Bengal, the litter or offspring they will produce are considered as F4 kittens.

Here’s the thing though, a kitten won’t be considered as a true Bengal breed until they have reached F4 or the fourth generation. Breeders usually refer to their fourth generation kittens or higher as Bengal breed.

As a potential pet owner, it is better to purchase a fourth generation kitten or higher because they tend to make better household pets since they are more domesticated. 

The cost of a Bengal kitten usually depends on how many generations are removed from their wild ancestors. F1 kitten is the most expensive, followed by F2, F3 and so on.

Bengal Prices

How much do Bengal kittens cost? If you are considering buying a first generation Bengal kitten, you can expect to pay anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000. In addition to that, the price will depend on the pet quality – if they were bred for show or if they came from a healthy and top – quality lineage.

How much do Bengal kittens cost? A first generation male Bengal breed can cost around $1500. The reason why first gen Bengal cats are sometimes cheap is because all first gen males are typically born sterile. Bengal kittens that are 2nd generation or 3rd generation can cost you anywhere between $1,500 and $5,000.

How much do Bengal kittens cost? There are times when you can find an adult Bengal cat at shelters or cat rescues. You can buy rescue pet anywhere between $150 and $200. 

How much do Bengal kittens cost: Bengal Kitten Essentials

Though the cost of a Bengal kitten is important, buying them is not the only expense you will have once you decide to keep a pet kitty. If you plan on purchasing a Bengal, you will need to provide a couple of kitty essentials to make your new pet comfortable in your home.

How much do Bengal kittens cost? Knowing all of this, we put together a list of the basic kitty items that will make you ready for your new Bengal pet. Keep in mind that you don’t need to buy everything but the following will help you understand what you initially need:

Travel Carrier

If you think you’re going to just grab your pet without a carrier, you’re wrong. Your new pet will likely be afraid when you take him from the breeder. The Bengal cat may also try to escape which is why a good travel carrier is a must. In addition to this, you will also need a travel carrier whenever you are going to travel with your cat in the future.

Litter Box

It will be easy for your pet to use a cat litter box but it’s important that you need to buy one where they will comfortable in. You have to also make sure that you provide them litter that they will like. And also provide a litter mat unless you want to end up sweeping the floor every day.

Cat Tree

A cat tree is a great combination where your cat can play and sleep. This is not required but almost every Bengal keeper has one because they just love jumping and playing with it. This is also a great way for your pet to exercise without tearing your furniture.

Scratching Post

Generally speaking, cats almost always want to sharpen their claws. This is why it’s ideal to get your pet a quality scratching post. If you don’t buy one, your pet Bengal may end up tearing into your furniture or wall.

Cat Bed

Keeping your Bengal cat comfy and warm at night is essential which is why buying them their own cat bad is important.

Cat Toys

You would want to keep your pet occupied which is why it’s important for you to buy them a couple of physically and mentally stimulating toys.

How much do Bengal kittens cost? The cost of the cat will depend on the gender, quality, and markings. It’s also important to note that females are typically more expensive than male breeds. There are however, some breeders who have senior Bengal breeds or retired breeders which they typically sell at a cheaper price.

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