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How to avoid cat fights? One of the most common conflicts among cats is guarding their resources from each other; but this may be avoided if you properly allocate their needs. How to avoid cat fights? Another important factor is to maximize the vertical space by incorporating elevated; and vertical structures inside your house such as climbing poles, shelves, slanted walkways, steps, platforms, cat hammocks, cat trees, resting boxes; and the likes since the Savannah cat cats are born climbers and jumpers.  How to avoid cat fights? You don’t need all of the things aforementioned; but having at least some of these in your house is highly essential when living with a cat.

Introducing Your Savannah Cat

How to avoid cat fights? One thing more difficult than introducing a new cat to humans is introducing it to other pets because it’s not easy controlling animal behavior; much less, decoding their thoughts; and understanding what they’re trying to say. You can expect that one pet of yours will always try to dominate your new cat; as animals are territorial in nature. Give them time to meet the new member of the family and extend your patience and trust the process.    

An older cat is likely to accept another adult cat much easier than it is to like new kittens at once. It will be best to separate the resident cats from the new cat upon arrival; so that you can manage their initial encounter. If you have more than one resident cat at home, introduce them to the new cat individually. It’s not necessary to have the cats spend time together immediately.

Cats and Dogs

When it comes to introducing your cat to your dog/s; keep in mind that meeting a resident dog may be a scary experience for your Savannah cat. We highly recommend that you keep your dog confined or in a leash upon the arrival of the new cat. Make sure that the cat’s initial base is not accessible to the dog to prevent it from cornering of chasing the cat; even if it only wants to play. Do not let your dog frighten the cat by showing signs of aggression or intimidating the cat by barking. Give your cat and dog enough time to get to know each other by not forcing interaction. Do not leave them alone together unsupervised if you are not sure yet whether they like each other or not.

How to avoid cat fights? Make sure to keep the cat in its temporary room until it feels confident enough to roam around.  Keep an eye out for when your cats see each other for the first time. Make sure that they keep a distance to prevent aggression, as first impressions indeed last. And if there will be no signs of hostility among the cats in the coming days; you may now let them spend time together without a worry.

When to Get a Cat Sitter

How to avoid cat fights? Should you plan to travel with your Savannah cat then you may need to consider some things before you even pack your pet with you. This holds true especially if you do not want to leave your precious pet with a cat sitter. Taking your pet to another place is time – consuming and complicated process; which is why you should do extensive research before you go through the process.

How to avoid cat fights? If you are only going away for a short period of time; it’s probably best to entrust your pet to your family or friends. Savannah cat can be left alone provided that you already trained them and you leave them with all the essentials they need such as food, water, toys, security etc. They are independent and they can survive for quite some time without you. However; if you are going to be gone for a long period of time (few weeks, months to a year) then it’s best to bring them along with you.

Transporting Your Cat

Do you think your pet will be all right to be in a confined place for a long period of time? Make sure to make them comfortable during the whole trip whether it’s by car, on the air or at sea. It’s also important to check with the airline or shipping line with regards to their regulations on bringing a pet on board.

Tip #1

How to avoid cat fights? Some airlines may allow pets to travel in the cabin; only if you have a small cage that will fit under your seat while some airlines will restrict the pet transportation during certain times of the year. Research on the air pressure and temperature in the cargo before you book the flight. It is better for your pet if your flight is direct and has a short travel time.

Tip #2

Make sure to research on the specific requirements for the airlines or shipping lines; when it comes to transportation of the pet. Before the travel, make sure you have trained your cat to be inside the crate or kennel. You can add toys and pieces of clothing so your pet will be very familiar during the transportation. Last but not least, find pet-friendly airlines or pet – friendly shipping lines before you book your trip.

Savannah Cat Behavior

How to avoid cat fights? The environment greatly impacts a cat’s overall health and behavior; which is why both the U.S. and U.K. gave reminders and recommendations regarding setting up the right environment for cats; specifically the amount of space needed, the furniture; interaction with other pets and with their owners or other people as well as environmental enrichment including toys and other sensory stimulants.

You see, cats are fairly comfortable living on their own, and unlike dogs; they would rather keep a distance to avoid social conflicts. If you want to set up the right environment for your Savannah cat you need to keep in mind of some things like providing an adequate hiding spot; and cat essentials as well as providing a secure playing area that’s safe from hazards.

Hiding Spots

How to avoid cat fights? You have to make sure that there will be hiding spots where your pet can seek refuge and be out of sight at times when it feels stressed; or uncomfortable with interactions. You need to provide litter trays, water bowl, and food bowls; and make it easily accessible for him/ her especially if you’re going to leave your cat. In case you have more than one pet at home, give each pet their own bowls with sufficient supply of food to avoid monopolization.

Cat – Proofing

How to avoid cat fights? One thing that keeps a cat happy is when it knows that it has a safe and comfortable home. Sometimes though, a cat’s curious nature gets it into trouble, creating a hassle both for you and your pet. More mature cats are less likely to be mischievous, while kittens can be a bit trickier to handle. Whatever the size of your home is; you will definitely need to ensure that it is cat – proof and an ideal place for your feline friend to thrive.

For sure you’ve seen tons of entertaining videos all over social media showing a tiny cat comfortably sleeping on a mini bed tailor – made for it. Although it looks absolutely adorable, kittens will need more than just cozy sleeping furniture to grow healthy and strong.

Rehoming Savannah Cat Tips

How to avoid cat fights? Bringing home a new pet could be a really special experience for humans, but for cats, it can be quite frightening. For you to be able to help them feel secure and ease their tension, you must first understand why cats are scared when being re – homed. Cats dislike change; for them, a new home means entering new territory, meeting new possible enemies, and encountering new challenges they are not all too familiar with.

Tip #1

How to avoid cat fights? Make sure that your Savannah cat is inside a carrier to that it feels safer. Being inside moving vehicles may traumatize your cat and cause it much stress that it would start to pant. Panting is a sure sign of anxiety and excessive body heating, so help your cat by keeping it safe inside a well – ventilated cat carrier.

Tip #2

Upon arriving home, it is advised that you let your cat settle into a small room that he can call his early territory. Never force the cat out of the carrier, instead, keep it open and let the cat decide when it is comfortable enough to explore the room. You can have your cat stay in the room for several days so that he gets used to the smells, the sounds, and the sights. Put everything the cat needs in this room, including water and food bowls, litter tray, a few toys to keep him busy, and a comfortable bedding.

Tip #3

How to avoid cat fights? You may visit the cat often to see if it is doing fine, but don’t stress it out by giving it forced attention or by bringing in new people to the room to pet or play with the cat. Also see to it that your kids don’t frighten the cat by entering their haven uninvited. Most cat breeds including the Savannah cat are known to easily adapt to its environment, but letting them get used to their new home and new human companions at their own pace will work wonders on your relationship with them.

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