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How to care for a beagle dog? The Beagle breed is known for being playful, cheerful and active. In fact, they are also one of the friendliest canines that exist today. As a keeper of this dog breed, it’s essential to keep your schedule free at least once or twice a week so that you can take your pet for a walk since they need exercise; and they are the kinds of dogs that are not contented with being at home all day.

How to care for a beagle dog? They aren’t the best fit for an owner who’s inactive or maybe a senior citizen already. Despite their active energy; the Beagle breed can still remain tolerant and calm which makes them perfect for a family with kids. For a beagle size dog breed; having average energy usually means that they have high energy when compared to other canine breed; but it’s necessary because this is where beagle relies upon for whatever task it is required to do. How to care for a beagle dog? In fact, the energy level it possesses makes it quite nimble and requires a release of energy every day in order to keep its right weight since most beagles are inclined to put on an extra weight especially when they are inactive.

When it comes to physical features, Beagle have a slightly dome – shaped skull and a muscular body type. They also have quite a long ear; broad nose and their muzzle is also somewhat in the shape of a square. Their chest is deep with a straight back, and they also have a moderately long tail that they carried high. Their coats are also dense and smooth, and it comes in white, tan and black colors.

The personality of a Beagle breed involves a lot of characteristics that has existed for many decades making them one of the most familiar dog breeds in the world. As a matter of fact, these dogs have existed since the early 1400s in Great Britain. These dogs are usually found in packs by hunters and back then they were known as pocket beagles. Beagle today may still be used in pack or in single. They can still be used for hunting but lots of people like them as household pets.

Ready for the Drool?

How to care for a beagle dog? Most dog breeds drool a lot; some are actually more obvious than other. If you look at the Beagle; you would most likely see that it doesn’t drool a lot, and that’s actually a great thing for most dog keepers who don’t exactly enjoy the sight of saliva that’s gushing out of their pet’s mouths. You can rest assured that for a Beagle breed you won’t be woken up by his loud snore since this dog has a very low tendency towards it; and this is something that is considered as a pro for most keepers.

Perhaps one of the disadvantages of owning a Beagle is that it has a very high tendency to howl. This however; can also be a positive especially if the dog owner wants to have some form of security at night. This is why barking isn’t really a con especially for some dog owners who are security conscious; and do not mind intruders being barked off their residence, whether or not, the dog has the tendency to confront the intruder; it at least helps to warn and ward them off.

Walk – a – Dog

Beagles are usually characterized in having a mild temperament which is why you may often see this dog breed playing around with kids; and another pet making them an ideal family pet dog. When a beagle dog is hanging out with his keepers, it usually exhibits a trait of obedience; and they can also be quite endearing when they’re shown care and love. Beagles love to play a lot and they can run around the yard without showing any signs of tiredness. These dogs require lots of activity which means you need to do regular walk in the park and various activities that can keep boredom at bay; and it can also help maintain their weight.

Make Sure to Play with Them

Beagles are renowned for being a breed with a vibrant and fun-loving nature. However, despite their softer sides, Beagles were originally bred as scent hounds and were trained to track hares and rabbits. With their background in hunting, this breed is small, sturdy; and sometimes stubborn too and they can be that way with other household pets. What’s important for potential owners though; is whether these dogs are child-friendly pets and how well suited they are to family life. When you’re bringing a pet into your family home; it’s important that you choose one that has a calm yet playful temperament.

How to care for a beagle dog? Just like children, part of the beagle’s personality and traits love playing and are energetic happy pets. They have a great degree of warmth about them but can show a mischievous; and disobedient side which is more endearing than irritating. However; one thing that’s important to remember is that they need to be introduced to families at a young age so they can socialize accordingly. If you adopt an older Beagle they could be troublesome and harder to train.

Ain’t Nothin’ but a Hound Dog

A well – known trait of a beagle is that since they are hounds, they are inclined to chew at everything. They have also been marked to have an appetite for just anything; which is why keepers should be careful not to leave too much food or any type of fragile items within the dog’s reach. The beagle dog like most hound breed have a very distinct doggy odor; which is why if you plan on committing to keep one, you should get used to it. It’s also known that the size of the beagle is convenient for a pet dog; its sturdy nature provides agility and athleticism and it also has a short coat that’s easy to care for.

How to care for a beagle dog? The features of the beagle dog breed show that once the pup gets past its puppy stage some become easily fat for its size which is why their weight; and the number of calories the beagle consumes should be monitored. The beagle dog breed is expected to live for around 12 years. Usually, dog keepers go for pets that have a particular beagle personality; some of these qualities include cheerfulness, cuddliness; and friendliness which is why this particular breed of dog is one of the most popular hounds in the United States and Great Britain.

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