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How to care for mini pigs? Unlike other pets, mini pigs need a space to roam around with. They are quite high maintenance because of their size especially when they became adults, even if they are considered as mini.How to care for mini pigs? Mini pigs are intelligent and cool breed that bonds with your mini pig each and every day. If your pet doesn’t get enough attention then he will have behavioral problems, suffer from depression which can lead to sepanx. In this article, you’ll learn how to care for mini pigs?

How to Care for Mini Pigs: Tips

Free – Roaming Pigs

Your mini pig’s natural instinct is to play or root in the mud and holes because that’s where they get their nutrients and vitamins. Do not discourage them to do so. However, for the purpose of cleanliness around your house, you should also regulate the amount of mud they would jump in, you don’t want dirt around your house all the time right? You can provide your pigs a play to stay in without compromising their natural habitat needs.

Build Them a Shed

You can buy a 700 Series Veri Kennel that is preferably large or at least twice the size of your pigs. But it may cost you a couple of bucks. As an alternative you can build a three-sided shed yourself using a few ply woods. It’s important to note that you should place the kennel where there are no prevailing winds and draughts. Pigs can only tolerate a temperature between 12 – 26 degrees Celsius otherwise it could be too hot or too cold for their body, this is why blankets are also needed during cold temperatures and a mud hole that they could splash in during hotter days because they don’t sweat so they need to cool off. With that being said, your crate or kennel should at least have 8 square feet of space with rough unfinished flooring – it’s good for their hoofs. It is also recommended for you to have a cemented space for them to get some exercise or sun bathe if they need to plus it could prevent smelly conditions as well.

Don’t let them sleep in a concrete flooring

Do not completely cement everything or let them sleep in a concrete flooring all the time, it is not good for their bones; their bodies thrive on the ground. Another important note you need to remember is to make sure that you provide enough shade or roofing for your mini pig so that they won’t get sunburned or dehydrated.

Pig Pens

If you don’t want to let your pigs run loose in the house – and they will! You should provide a pen space in addition to your mini pig kennel. As mentioned earlier, pigs love to move freely and roam around; you should not restrict that because that is a form of exercise for them. A pigpen should be secured using a fence, preferably buy a breeze block wall around the shed that will serve as a pig-proof gate. You can also use wire-fence but it is expensive but is usually ineffective. Make sure that your fence is tight; pigs can spot a weakness and could use that opening to get out of his shed or kennel.

Mini Pig Care Kit

In addition to providing your pet with all of the things mentioned above, you also need to stock various pig care necessities.

For Food Consumption

When it comes to your pig’s water bowls, the larger the better and a flat surface is preferred to prevent it from tipping off. Provide as much water as possible because pigs need to be hydrated at all times, they don’t have sweat glands so aside from stumping themselves into the mud, they need lots of water to cool off.

Food dishes for pigs come in various sets so just pick the best for your pet’s needs. Miniature pigs are relatively small breeds, so don’t choose anything too large.

For Litter

It is recommended that you buy a hay rack where you can place hays for your pig. Pigs love to nest and root in hay because it’s a natural instinct.

Your pig’s litter pan does not need to be anything fancy – it just needs to be large enough for your pig to turn around in and deep enough to contain the litter without making it hard for your pig to get into the pan. Make sure that you train your pig in identifying which is the litter pan and the water bowl; you need to constantly replace the contents of the bowls.

For Sleeping or Private Time

Your pig also needs a shelter, you can also use the right litter for your pet – if you choose to use any at all. The best litter to use as mentioned earlier is timothy hay. If you’re living in an apartment and your kennel is in a concrete floor, then make sure to place a rubber mat so that you can hosed off the dirt but it’s very important to put a lot of bedding sheets for your pig because as mentioned earlier, sleeping in on concrete floors are not suitable for them.

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