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How to care for mini pigs? Miniature pigs are domesticated smaller versions of feral hogs and combinations of different pig breeds that were genetically engineered by researchers. In the United States; mini pigs are also known as the American Mini, they are just the same with pot belly pigs; although they have been classified as a different group because of certain characteristics that aren’t found in American mini pigs. In United Kingdom, researchers and animal enthusiasts referred to it as a Teacup pig.

How to care for mini pigs? Like any other pets, mini pigs also have a great deal of energy; and needs daily exercise to work off that energy through the toys and random experiences that you can provide. It may not be able to adapt to any kind of environment; but if you raised them properly they can be great house pets. How to care for mini pigs? They are generally curious yet controllable indoors as long as they get enough mental and physical stimulation during the day; and has proper house training as well as litter training.

Becoming a Mini Pig Keeper

Mini pigs require maintenance which means that you have to provide supplies and be able to cover the expenses; in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and environment for your pet. These things will definitely add up to your daily budget; and the cost will vary depending on where you purchase it; the brand of the accessories, the nutrients included in its food and the time being. If you want to seriously own a mini pig as a pet you should be able to cover the necessary costs it entails.

Socializing Your Mini Pig

How to care for mini pigs? At some point in time, you and your pet will already get along and are comfortable in each other; strengthen your relationship by taming them through training. Training a mini pig is not that hard to do; in fact it can be a fun and rewarding bonding experience for both of you. There are lots of pet owners out there who have properly trained and raised a well-behaved mini pig. They are intelligent creatures that are highly motivated by food and routines. Trust is the most important key in training your mini pig. The first thing you need to do is to be able to establish a solid connection and rapport between you and your pet.  

Mini pigs make wonderful pets for a number of reasons but one of those reasons is that they are easy to train. The more time you spend with your pig; the more quickly he will get used to you and he will come to enjoy interacting with you.

Learning the Basics           

If you are a new pig owner, it may take some practice to teach them some basic skills. One thing you can do is use small treats such as non-buttered and non-salted popcorn, wheat, cheerios; or small chunks of fruits to entice your mini pig to come to you and follow your command. Aside from using treats; you should also set specific time during the day for your training because pigs also liked routines. It is advisable to train them before bed time so that they will have a good night sleep. Physical exercises and mental workout is best done when your pig is focused; so don’t do it right after eating their meal or when they are hungry.  

Keeping Mini Pigs

How to care for mini pigs? Whether you live in a small apartment or have a large space in your backyard; you should definitely purchase a crate where your mini pig can stay; and sleep in as well as a play pen or a baby gate to keep them safe and supervised as well as give them the freedom to move around.

In addition to providing your mini pigs with a cage or play pen; you should also make sure he has a set of high-quality food bowls and a water bowls. The best materials food bowls is stainless steel because it is easy to clean and doesn’t harbor bacteria – ceramic is another good option. Depending on the brand, some equipment could cost more than the average.

You may need to buy bedding for your mini pig as well as some blankets to keep them warm at night. Even if you don’t use bedding in the whole cage; you should still provide some kind of hideaway lined with comfy bedding for your mini pig to sleep in. It is also recommended that you replace your pigs’ litter or potty pads once in a while.


Healthy Mini Pigs

Mini pigs may require a couple of vaccinations especially during its young age. Your veterinarian can tell you if your mini pig needs any other vaccinations. If you don’t plan to breed your mini pig you should seriously consider having him or her neutered or spayed. If you keep two mini pigs of the same sex together, it may not be necessary, unless the rule in your city ordinance may require it. 

How to care for mini pigs? Pet miniature pigs can be affected by a number of different health problems and they are generally not specific to any particular breed. Feeding your pig a nutritious diet will go a long way in securing his total health and wellbeing, but sometimes mini pigs get sick anyway. If you want to make sure that your pig gets the treatment he needs as quickly as possible you need to learn how to identify the symptoms of disease. These symptoms are not always obvious either; your mini pig may not show any outward signs of illness except for a subtle change in behavior.

The more time you spend with your pet pig, the more you will come to understand his behavior – this is the key to catching health problems early. At the first sign that something is wrong with your mini pig you should take inventory of his symptoms – both physical and behavioral – so you can relay them to your veterinarian who will then make a diagnosis and prescribe a course of treatment. The sooner you identify these symptoms, the sooner your vet can take action and the more likely your mini pig will be able to make a full recovery.

Supplies You’ll Need

In addition to purchasing your mini pig’s crate and other accessories, you should also purchase some basic grooming supplies like nail clippers for its hoof, bathing and cleaning supplies for its tusk and teeth as well as harness or a leash. You may also want to buy baby wipes for sanitary purposes. You might also want to consider buying a litter box if you want to litter train your rabbit.

Don’t Forget the Food!

How to care for mini pigs? Feeding your mini pig a healthy diet is very important for his health and wellness. Mini pigs feeds and treats needs to be replenish every month that’s why you should budget per month for food; mini pigs also eat wheat and tasty treats depending on the your pig’s appetite and size.

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