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The following information aims to help you to start preparing and fitting your home to welcome your new Russian Blue cat:

  • Keep food out of sight and reach. Store them in cupboards or stack them in a closed pantry away from your buddy. Make sure that any food that is set outside the fridge or pantry is sealed in tightly covered spill-proof containers. Clapping and calling out the name of your Russian Blue usually does the job of dissuading it from further mischief and curiosity.
  • Felines have a natural tendency to hunt, rummage and scrounge for food and curiosities. Stave off this innate habit of theirs by making certain your trash bins are tightly covered and won’t spill out in the event of cat curiosity.
  • Cats are naturally curious and will usually play with small objects that they can push around and play with. Store away tiny valuables if you suspect your little fur ball is the sort of cat who likes to play with small, shiny objects. You will have to make sure that there are no loose strings or hanging ropes they could get tangled in, so keeping wires folded or protected from unwanted gnawing is a measure you would want to take to somehow guarantee its safety.
  • Vitamins, medication, and/or prescription drugs are to be kept away from its reach and hidden from sight. The dangers of having your feline ingest a meant-for-human pill is the last thing you want to happen and will warrant a trip to the emergency room. The discomfort the cat has to endure to expel this from its body can be uncomfortable. Best that caregivers avoid this preventable trip to vet by keeping all medicine locked away.
  • Cleaning supplies you use around the home usually contain highly toxic chemicals which can poison and cause great harm your new friend. Do store them away where your Russian Blue kitten can’t see or find these products which will certainly cause them great harm.  
  • Should your feline be allowed to wander around the house and its perimeter make certain that you do not neglect to cat-proof your garage too. Cats are known to prefer perching on high places. Make sure that there is no heavy equipment or tools which they may push over the edge which may hurt them or people in the home.
  • This bit is very important for those who have house plants or foliage growing around their home; there are many, countless plants that pose danger to felines. Determine that the greenery surrounding your home is non – toxic to your Russian Blue cat. In the event that you determine that there are plants in or around your homes which are toxic to your feline, consider replanting them away from the area where your cat is allowed to roam. You may also opt to barricade these plants or altogether replace them with plants that are non – toxic to cats. Poisoning from plants which are toxic or harmful when ingested by cats is a very real concern and should be high on your list of things to avoid.
  • Keep in mind that cats have a tendency to get carried away when they are at play. Dealing with more than one pet can also be quite a handful. To avoid the possibility of electrocution when your feline is in a curious mood or when rough housing with their furry pals, use plastic covers to plug unused electrical sockets.
  • It is not a surprise that some cats have an aversion to gnawing at strings, ropes and electric wires that mimic string. Feline-proof exposed wires with those nifty wire covers that will discourage them from chewing on a live wire which their teeth may damage and cause them electrocution.

There are a lot more tips than what is listed here to keep your Russian Blue cat safe within your home. These preventive and safety tips will not only benefit your friendly feline, it will also serve you and your family well so that you can keep your home intact and safe from accidents. Remove things that can be harmful to your feline and any minimize the possible incidence of danger posed to your family members.

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