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Russian Blue Cats are even-tempered and very amiable toward the family to which it belongs. It gravitates toward members of the family who revere it with respect and extend kindness toward it. 

Proper Handling

Information on the proper handling of a Russian Blue is to be communicated and cascaded to everyone in the family so that they are aware of how to properly treat the sensitive Russian Blue. It will tolerate and put up with the handling of clumsy toddlers and it would seem as if it recognizes that there is no harm meant. They may tend to walk away or stay out of reach of people who may handle them a little clumsily. So be making sure of your presence when the cat is around young toddlers is of vital importance at the onset of indoctrination. 

With that said it is imperative that potential caregivers know how to handle a RB with gentle care so that it gains confidence in its surroundings and develops trust toward the humans it lives with at home.

Friendly Feline

You need to also give them enough time, room and space to learn to get along. 

The Russian Blue is a good pet choice for people who have never owned cats. A small investment of time and patience will be sufficient to successfully incorporate the feline into the home dynamics. 

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