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How to handle mini pigs? This is such an interesting opportunity, and also it’s enjoyable to acquire every little thing all set for your new household pet pig! How to handle mini pigs? Just before your mini pig comes in, we highly recommend that you have already set up a cage, a bedroom, coverings, food and water bowls, can and pads, a harness, and even some toys! In this article, you’ll learn how to handle mini pigs?

How to Handle Mini Pigs: Don’t Lift Them Just Yet!

How to handle mini pigs? Unlike canines, pigs don’t like to be lifted up as it’s merely not natural for their feet to become off of the floor. This does not imply that you can’t eventually get your mini pig, however it will certainly take some time before you can hold your pet without that him or her screeching. Here’s an important note: if your mini pig screeches while being handled or carried out, you don’t have to put him down. It is necessary to keep your pet pig by means of the screeching to make sure that he doesn’t equate squealing with getting what he desires.

Building Trust

How to handle mini pigs? Pet pigs in general take some time to trust and connect with their keeper, so take it slow, and also permit your mini pig to learn more about you – let him sniff you! Initially, they don’t like to be held especially if they don’t know you that well yet.

Try to Limit Handling

So try to limit the handling and lifting until you and your pet have gotten to know each other. You need to establish trust and familiarity first. Find a little space in your house to limit your new piggy, and ensure she experiences risk – free (as well as to stay clear of incidents). But create it in a space where your piggy can easily see you. We really did not possess an area that operated for this. Just hang around with your pet and let him get to know you better.

Make Your Pet Feel At Ease

Do not hesitate to use treats during first couple of weeks to assist your brand new mini pig feel at ease and secure being actually near you (place the back of your hand flat on the floor and place the treat in the palm of your hand as this gets your piggy used to taking treats gently). If you’ve raised a pup before, the bonding method for a pup and a piglet is very different, so do not worry if your pig isn’t right away warming up to you. Always keep allowing your piggy to get familiar and bond with you. The connection and trust you will build with your pet are going to require time but it’s all worth it!

Harnessing Your Pet Pig

How to handle mini pigs? Putting a harness on your pet pig could be quite difficult at first. What you can do is to make an effort placing the harness on your pet when he or she is actually relaxing or even resting on you or on the ground.

Handling Unwanted Behaviors

Every day as well as in a random manner, even if your family pet is not displaying inadequate behavior, you can practically push your pig around the room by pressing on its shoulders or neck region. You should only push him a bit as this will be required to move your certain sized pig. Never push your pet pig too hard to the point that he or she will get hurt.

Train them at a Calm

Same goes for a bigger – sized pig, don’t press it so carefully that it possesses no suggestion to what you are trying to acquire across. It is actually excellent to begin this training while the pig is actually in a calm state, like laying down or even just being actually relaxed and putting up out in the room. Just comfortably stroll up to your pet and also start carefully pressing it to a new area in the room.

Training with the Family

How to handle mini pigs? Do this a few times and also permit your pet to go back to what it was doing calmly; you can easily then duplicate this training with your other family members. If you have children or even a significant other that likewise dwells in the home, your kids should also be taught on how to handle or deal with your pet pig. Make sure that your kids and other family members take part in this routine. You can do it on a daily basis together with your spouse or kids.

Training Sessions

Doing this with your family will make your pig with the understanding that he is lowest part of the “pack” or chain of command. Sticking to this kind of training, works as a good daily training session for your pig that will ultimately remind him you are the leader and that he will do what you and your family say. If you started training your pig at an early age, you most likely wouldn’t run into unwanted behavior especially when it comes to dominance or biting problems.

Rescuing a Mini Pig

How to handle mini pigs? Yes you can rescue a mini pig. In fact, this is highly recommended because there are lots of mini pigs out there who need to go to great homes. For many of them, their previous keeper did not plan for how large they will get, or for some of them they just lost their passion and perhaps time to taking care of these great animals.

How to Put Your Pig for Adoption

If you want to get a rescue, there are tons of rescue sites that will get you connected to pet pig of your dreams! But just like any other pig, make sure that you know what you’re getting into, and make a commitment to take care of them to avoid putting these cute creatures up for adoption.

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