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What do I need to know about mini pigs? There are some that will certainly tell you everything about the kind of mini pig they have. Some pig breeders are going to provide you a weight promise, while others will offer height guarantees. But there are some breeders who won’t give promises at all. What do I need to know about mini pigs? According to most mini pig owners, it is actually also achievable for a mini swine to obtain their grandparent’s gene which means that the size of the mini pig could be different than their moms and dads, shocking you and also the breeder. In this article, you’ll learn some frequently asked questions about mini pigs and answer your question, what do I need to know about mini pigs?

What Do I Need to Know About Mini Pigs: FAQs

How long can they live?

On average they live at around 12 years and a maximum of 15 years. However, they could live longer if you ensure that they are well – cared for and if you follow the proper husbandry practices.

How can I find a mini pig vet?

Yes, and it’s quite important to locate a mini pig veterinarian near you before making a decision to obtain a mini pig. What do I need to know about mini pigs? We highly recommend doing prior research online of vets near you and likewise calling to verify that your selected vet will be best for taking good care of your mini pig’s overall health. On the next blog posts, we will give your tips on what to look for when finding a veterinarian for your mini pig.

How much do mini pigs eat?

Most mini pig owners feed their pet with Mazuri Mini Pig food. They possess several kinds depending on your pet’s age; therefore make sure that you acquire the ideal kind for your pet pig. Since you will definitely most likely start along with a small and also young one, make sure to supply him 1/4 cup of the pellets twice daily (or relying on your vet’s suggestion) and also supplement it with veggies, tossed salads, as well as sometimes fruit.


What do I need to know about mini pigs? Mini pigs can easily consume a great deal of the very same foods human beings eat; just make sure to stay away from salt and also excessive sugar. It’s best to offer a selection of foods items in moderation, and also it is actually extremely necessary to not fatten or underfeed your pet mini pig.

Can I potty – train my pet pig?

Pigs can be taught to go outdoors, to use a litter box, or even both. They are normally easy to handle and clever enough to learn these things. But just like other young pets, there will definitely be some incidents or mishaps so training needs persistence and clarity. Young piglets usually can’t hold their bladders until they are more mature, so it is crucial to ensure they have easy accessibility to a potty box or your home outside.

Can I teach my pet some cool tricks?

Yes! They are brilliant animals, so I recommend training your pet pig for simple obedience training and also any kind of other tricks you like. Just make sure to have fun while doing it so that your mini pig can also have fun! What do I need to know about mini pigs? Most owners use a clicker training given that it is sort of a positive reinforcement method, but there are a lot of other terrific training techniques. Just find out what suits you and your pet best.

Do mini pigs become aggressive?

They most definitely can! You might find that your pet will go through a biting stage at some point. This is why when this happens; you have to change this kind of behavior as soon as possible. It’s important to note that mini pigs can also become aggressive if they need or want to. Make sure to stop the habits as soon as you can as it will definitely be harder to train them at an older age or when they already get used to this kind of unwanted behavior.

Are mini pigs loud?

Mini pigs make several different noises. Oinking will vary depending on what mood your pet pig is in, or if he/ she wants to get your attention. Pigs in general can also squeal, scream and as we are all aware of snore whenever they are having a good night sleep.

Do mini pigs differ from dogs as pets?

Yes! If you have had a dog and a pig at the same time, you will likely see the difference when it comes to their behaviors. As you know, dogs in general like to always be around their owner/s and would always want to please you but mini pigs are not that type of pets.


Pigs persist well but they balance it out with their own clever and cheerful personality. Mini pigs might also be much easier to train than most dog breeds since they are naturally smarter. But mini pigs aren’t as fun as pet dogs which is why dogs are still “man’s best friend”. Sorry pigs! Still your pet pig would want to spend time with you and play with you along with other pets but don’t expect them to be like how dogs do it. We hope this article answered your question, what do I need to know about mini pigs?

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