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How to house – proof my cat? Scottish Folds are amiable cats with a pleasant and docile temperament. How to house – proof my cat? Although they are pretty well-rounded cats, it is still important to know how to keep your new ward safe as its new guardian and vice versa. In this article, you’ll learn how to house – proof my cat?

How to House – Proof My Cat: Tips and Tricks

Secure food and store them in cupboards or stack them in a closed pantry.

Make certain that any food moved out of the fridge or pantry is tightly covered or sealed in a spill-proof container.

Cats have a natural tendency to scrounge, hunt and rummage for food.

Avoid a mess caused by this innate habit of felines of tipping, spilling or pushing over things by making sure your trash cans are covered tightly and won’t spill out in the event that it topples over.

Make sure that medicine be kept out of their reach.

Cats will usually play with tiny objects that they can roll around and play with if they come across an object that captures their fancy. Accidental ingestion is not a situation you want to deal with as there are many human medicines that can be dangerously toxic if not fatal to cats. Aspirin and paracetamol are some of the more dangerous pills that you should keep out of your cats reach. Medication, paracetamol, aspirin and/or prescription drugs are to be stored away and hidden. The risk of having your cat ingest a meant-for-human pill is the last thing you want to happen as it can be fatal. As a rule of thumb, keep all medication away from the reach of children and pets.  

Keep tiny valuables stored away.

If you notice your little fur ball is the kind of feline who likes to play with shiny things. You wouldn’t want it to swallow something tiny and have it lodge in their throat. If this does happen it is important to get your feline to the vet as soon as possible. Look up first aid tips that you can employ should your pet have an emergency.

Make sure that there are no loose strings

It would benefit the safety of all if you keep wires folded or protected from unwanted gnawing which may lead to electrocution. From curtains or blinds, ropes or wire your Scottish Fold could get entangled in.

Avoid using toxic products

Cleaning products you use to clean around the house contain many toxic chemicals which are poisonous and can cause dire harm your new friend. Avoid emergencies and keep all cleaning products stored away where your kitten can’t see or find the products.

Cat – proof your garage

If your cat is allowed to roam the house and its perimeter be sure that you cat-proof your garage as well. Cats like to perch on high places. Be sure there is no heavy equipment or tools that they could push over the edge which may hurt them or people in the home. Build a sturdy perch with some recycled wood (sanded and painted with non-toxic paint) braced on the wall with a couple of brackets. This should be introduced as an acceptable place to perch instead of a high cupboard. Make sure that the brackets are securely fastened and won’t fall off when the cat jumps on or off the perch.

Avoid Toxic Plants

Determine that the plants around your home are non-toxic to your Scottish Fold. Should there be any poisonous plants like calla lily or deadly nightshade that flank or surround your home, you may want to opt to replace, replant at away from your cats allowed spaces or barricade it. Poisoning from these toxic plants or harmful ingestion by cats is a very real medical concern. In the Glossary of Feline Terms you will find plants that pose serious health dangers to your cat. Be sure that you continue to research further for other plants that will be a danger to your cat.

Wires, wires, wires

Remember that cats can get carried away when they are at play. It can be quite a handful too if you are dealing with more than one pet. To avoid possible electrocution when your cat is in a curious mood or when rough housing with their furry pals use plastic covers to cover up electric sockets. These are just some additional safety steps to take to make certain your home life isn’t suddenly disrupted by a situation that could have been avoided.

Some cats have a tendency to gnaw at string and electric wires mimic string. Cat-proof your wires with those nifty wire covers that’ll dissuade them from chewing on a live wire. If your cat has a penchant for gnawing at wires, you best cover them up. Earphones and charger wires should be kept and stored away from where they can be discovered by your curious cat. You will save yourself a pretty penny replacing chargers and earphones in the long run.

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