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How to keep an Angora rabbit? A rabbit hutch located in the basement, back yard, or garage is a popular housing location for rabbits. Diseases caused by neglect are commonly present in rabbits which were abandoned in a forgotten hutch. How to keep an Angora rabbit? The rabbits’ hutch must be easily accessible to responsible caregivers in order to provide proper care and attention to the rabbit. It should be adequately ventilated and protected from large dogs and other predators. In this article, you’ll learn how to keep an Angora rabbit?

How to Keep an Angora Rabbit: Indoor Rabbits

How to keep an Angora rabbit? Rabbits have a higher chance of becoming better integrated as part of a family household if they are kept indoors. They are intelligent animals that can be trained to use a litter box and redirect natural tendencies, like gnawing at furniture and chewing on electrical wires, which are disruptive. Chewing on electrical wiring is hazardous for the rabbit and equally poses as a fire hazard. It can also become accustomed to being kept in an enclosure part of the time. Rabbits, when unsupervised, should be confined to safe quarters. 

How to keep an Angora rabbit? To give the rabbit’s enclosure a homey feel, equip it with a watering system and a feed hopper it can run to when it gets a hankering for grub and glug. An empty, unfurnished cage is inadequate and boring; the environment of the rabbit’s abode has to be furnished with toys and fitted with stimulating items that would engage and allow the rabbit to curiously explore whilst given something to engage in physically. Rabbits should optimally be given time outside of its cage for a necessary, daily romp around the yard.

Poor sanitation is the perfect breeding ground for diseases which cause illnesses and ultimately lead to death. It is therefore imperative that regular sanitation and a thorough cleaning of its digs be done. Nest boxes must be disinfected between uses and stored away for the next bout of kits. Cages, feeders, and watering system have to be sanitized periodically using an effective and inexpensive sanitizing solution.

Rabbit Cage for Your Angoras

How to keep an Angora rabbit? Mature, adult bucks and does must have separate, individual enclosures which are at least 30 inches wide, 30 inches deep and 20 inches high. On the other hand junior does, fryers, and Angora rabbits – specifically the non – breeding does and castrated bucks – can be housed together in small groups in one enclosure big enough to allow all ample moving space and territory. Each enclosure must have a feed hopper as well as a watering system securely fastened on the outer part of the enclosure.

How to Keep an Angora Rabbit: Best Hutches for Your Angoras

How to keep an Angora rabbit? Angoras must be accommodated in an enclosure with a wire base, ideally, to allow its manure to fall through and not stick to its coat. A controlled climate environment is extremely favorable to an animal. However, most breeders choose to take cautious measures to prevent the rabbit from getting too warm or too cold during seasons of weather extremes. Indoor cages, with a wire base, can be a haven of sorts for the Angora during the cold season, when the rabbit may find it unappealing to venture outdoors. This can also be utilized as its indoor enclosure on occasions when it joins the family for some homegrown R&R.

How to keep an Angora rabbit? An outdoor hutch can be utilized during warmer seasons as long as the hutch does not trap heat within its walls. Outfit an outdoor hutch with proper lighting, ventilation and a blower which can help cool down the bunny during unusually warm days. Should this hutch be an option to allow the rabbit to stay outdoors during nighttime, make sure that the rabbit’s habitat cannot be easily be broken into by tenacious, relentless predators. 

Housing Essentials

How to keep an Angora rabbit? The ideal floor space for the Angoras’ enclosure should be big enough to allow the rabbit sufficient area mobility when it is in it. The caregiver is invited to use their imagination to think up novel accessories to furnish the rabbits enclosure. Here are a few ideas to throw in the pot; grab an old Slinky and cut it up to smaller slinky-tubes. Trace the rounded end of the Slinky on a piece of paper then cut out the cardboard circle and stick it on one end of a divided portion of the Slinky. Deposit a treat in the middle of the circle, hang up the Slinky and watch your rabbit go at it;

A block of hard, pesticide-free wood for the rabbit to gnaw on will not only engage your bunny, this will also help your Angora’s teeth from growing too long; take an empty toilet roll carton and fold both its ends in toward the middle; do this by pushing down one side of the roll and then the other creating a flap. Repeat this for the other side. Before tying it up with some string, place a favorite toy of the rabbit inside. Push the cylindrical box around and in front of the rabbit to stimulate and whet its curiosity.

How to Keep an Angora Rabbit: Training Tips

How to keep an Angora rabbit? The remarkable Angora rabbit is moderately trainable given a little time and patience. Litter training and rechanneling natural tendencies like chewing and digging are some basic “tricks” the keeper may want to teach the rabbit. Take time to understand what your rabbit maybe trying to tell you. Since rabbits prefer relieving themselves in one place, litter training your Angora rabbit is as easy as it is possible at any age. Older rabbits have an advantage of being faster learners as compared to younger Angoras. 

If a rabbit guardian gives the bunny the run of the house then litter training in a confined area is imperative. To do this, fill a litter box with organic litter and place some hay on top. Avoid using clay at all costs as this substance turns deadly should it find its way into the rabbits system and digestive tract. Set the litter box in one corner of a room or inside its enclosure. Put some of its own droppings into the litter box in an attempt to help the rabbit recognize the litter box as the place to do nature’s business. We hope we answer your question, how to keep an Angora rabbit?? Stay tune for more posts!

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