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One of the first things you notice about the Bouvier des Flandres dog breed is its thick; long and luxurious coat. One of the first questions that might pop into your head is how appropriate they are for you to keep as a pet; especially if you are prone to allergies. So, are Bouvier des Flandres hypoallergenic?

Allergic Reactions Should Not be a Concern

The good news is that the Bouvier breed is, in fact, hypoallergenic. Pet allergies are usually caused by a person’s exposure to allergens, in this case the dander; or dead skin cells that are shed by our beloved pets. But because the Bouvier des Flandres has a thick, double coat that sheds minimally, if at all, this breed is generally considered safe for those who suffer from allergies.

That said, we should always remember that we can get allergies at any time; even to triggers that we previously had no adverse reaction to. So, while a dog breed may be considered safe and the Bouvier des Flandres hypoallergenic; that is not a one hundred percent guarantee that you’ll never develop an allergic reaction. If you find yourself experiencing any allergic symptoms, we recommend you consult with your doctor immediately.

Thick Double Coat

This bearded breed has a thick and dense double coat that can range in color from black, gray; or various shades of brown. They have a thick topcoat comprised of stiff hairs, commonly called guard hairs, and a softer undercoat of down hairs. Both layers of the Bouvier des Flandres hypoallergenic coat servea functional purpose above; and beyond giving them their gorgeous and unique look. The softer undercoat keeps them warm; while the rough topcoat keeps them protected from the elements such as rain and even dirt. This is a hardy breed built to survive, even thrive, in harsh, cold climates. They may, however, find hot humid environments to be uncomfortable; and some may even develop health problems if kept outside in hot weather for too long.

Keeping a breed like the Bouvier happy, healthy and comfortable means making sure that they maintain a healthy, shiny coat. This is the result of your dog’s overall good health, exercise, nutrition, and of course, targeted regular grooming.

High Maintenance in Terms of Grooming Needs

If you are considering keeping a Bouvier des Flanders as a pet; it is important to remember that this breed can be very high maintenance. That beautiful coat will not keep itself but requires regular attention from you. Make sure that if you bring one of these dog breeds into your home; that you can devote the necessary time and attention to their rather demanding grooming needs.

This is especially true because like any large breed; the Bouvier des Flanders requires regular exercise, or time spent outdoors, walking, playing and exploring. You may find when you get home, however, that your dog has brought back a good portion of the outdoors back with it. They have what is commonly referred to as the shaggy dog syndrome; which is simply a reference to long-haired dogs whose coats are prone to attract dirt, mud, snow, leaves; and even fecal matter. They can, and they will, drag mess into the house – which they probably will because they will need their regular outdoors time. This can be a lazy breed, so regular exercise is a must to keep them in optimal health.

And to top it all off, this breed’s look, which is completed by that very adorable beard hanging delightfully from its face and snout, is not as waterproof as the rough topcoat over the rest of its body. In short; the Bouvier des Flanders has a beard that absorbs water, so wet kisses; even water dribbling down their blessed chins, are definitely to be expected.

Regular Grooming

So, yes, regular grooming. Brushing daily, or at least 3 times a week; is a must to keep their coat free of the shaggy dog nomenclature. You might surprise yourself by how much of the outdoors you have to throw back outdoors after your regular grooming session with your beloved pet. Regular grooming also keeps your pet free of matting, which gets harder to get rid of the longer you let your dog’s grooming needs slide. And of course; regular grooming can help keep shedding to the barest minimum; which should be a primary consideration for you if you are looking into the Bouvier des Flanders’ hypoallergenic qualities.

Aside from the regular grooming, clipping; and trimming is necessary ever three or four months, paying particular attention to the hair around their paws and their beard and mouth and area. You will likely need to invest in quality grooming tools such as brushes that are built to work with dense double coats; as well as regular visits to a professional dog groomer for their regular trim and tuck. And if all that seems incredibly time-consuming and expensive, lovers of this breed will tell you it is all worth it. The Bouvier des Flanders is a beautiful, dignified, intelligent, and gentle dog; and is worth all the trouble it takes to love them.

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