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We all know that as much as cat people are concerned, technically, the breed does not matter. All types of cats are wonderful, but to be fair, it’s hard not to have a favorite. This goes for Russian Blue Cat, the seeming world’s most favorite cat breed, and extremely adored and loved. Up to this day, more and more new cat parents are seeking this breed as they make excellent companions; regardless of who you are and your age. 

And if you are indecisive about whether Russian Blue is the best, more importantly, right bred for you; keep on reading as we’ll discuss the answer. Below is a comprehensive list of Russian Blue’s pros and cons. The discussion of both the good and the bad will equip you; to make the rational decision you significantly need at the start of your pet parenting journey. Thus, let’s waste no more time and get started. 

Pros of Russian Blue Cat 

Russian Blue cats are extremely attractive 

There are many cats in the world existing with particular features that make them quick to recognize, but these cats stand apart from the pack; as they have been blessed with a unique, gorgeous appearance. They are slender yet muscular cats, built for speed. They have endearing green eyes that become more vibrant as they grow; starting from sunshine yellow as kittens then bright green as they reach adulthood. Many car lovers grow to call their eyes soulful. Discussing their coat, it is truly blue. It is an offshoot of a magnificent black fur gene that creates a silvery grey-blue color. The fur is very fluffy, making them endearing cats appear bigger than they actually are. 

Combining all of these, what we’ll have is a beautiful cat that is no doubt the top choice for modeling; and advertisement because of Thor’s poise. Moreover; they also stand out as they sit in a very refined manner that gives them an air of sophistication, whether they are sitting pretty on a window still or enjoying a good nap. 

They are well-behaved 

While we know that cats are not a massive leap of trouble, there are some breeds that really require a certain amount of attention; some having anxiety when people are not around. This is not the case with Russian Blue; as these cats are happy to lounge around and entertain themselves if their owners are busy or out for the day. They have grown to be both affectionate and clingy; in times when it is appropriate and quiet and obedient when needed to. 

They are smart 

Their intelligence goes further than their ability to be well-behaved, these cats are also trainable. In fact, they rank as the most easily trainable cats that really enjoy hours of playtime and training sessions. We all know it is a plus, because nothing beats the cuteness of a kitty that does tricks like high five; handshake, or handling gentle kisses. 

An impressively low maintenance cat 

There is a lot of care that comes with raising a cat. From nose to tail, the concern, and need for grooming must be undertaken to keep them healthy and at their optimum condition. But, with a Russian Blue cat, you can rest easy. These cats are very low maintenance and mostly handle their self-care needs by themselves. As they also have a short coat, they find it easy to brush out while they do self-cleaning. They also love a clean living space that makes them strive to keep their home clean. 

They have a great set of personality 

Firstly, we are impressed with their discipline for behaving as we have discussed earlier, but more is to know as they also are affectionate, gentle, friendly, playful, and faithful. Russian Blue cats are loving and fond of showing affection to their owner as well as people and other pets they have grown to love as well. These cats are the sweetest as they will know whether you need a hug because you are sad, a kiss to uplift your happiness, or playfulness if ever you are having a bad day. Also, they do not bite or scratch, they rarely become aggressive unless there is a situation where needed to. 

Moreover, they also love fostering relationships with other people, thanks to their friendliness. Next, they are playful cats and will make you laugh because of their silly mundane actions, and lastly, they keep their faithfulness, which is everything when it comes to pet parenting. 

Cons of Russian Cats 

With the great set of goodness stored in them, is it possible that they also have the “bad”? Keep on reading to know. 

Russian Blues are slightly less outgoing in nature. They are built as indoor cats

Because of their gentle, calm, and really well-behaved sophisticated temperament, you will not catch them being really fond of outdoor activities. 

Our furry friend is vulnerable to obesity 

These cats are fond of food and will really go in their way to have that extra treats they have been craving for. With this, you really have to take care of its food and stand to not give up on its demand for treats. 

They are not recommended for people with extreme allergic sensitivity 

This is because there is a 10% probability of them not being fully hypoallergenic, and they also produce dancers, a kind of skin irritation. With these facts, you have to ensure that you spend time knowing whether this feline is compatible and support your optimum health condition. 


Have you come to terms with whether a Russian Blue is the best and most suitable breed for you? We sure hope so. Do consider its cons, and really appreciate their stored goodness, and they speak loudly as to what kind of wonderful cats Russian Blues are. 

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