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Should you keep your cat inside? The Scottish Fold breed is growing in popularity as people become easily taken with their cute aspects such as the endearing folded ears, the loveable round head, and the large innocent eyes that they can’t help but coo over. Should you keep your cat inside? One of the many considerations when choosing a pet is if the pet would be happy with you and if you will be able to provide its needs properly. Considering if its lifestyle would match well with yours is important for any kind of animals. Should you keep your cat inside? One of the questions raised is whether an animal, or a specific animal breed for that matter, is perfect for a life inside.

The Perfect Choice

Should you keep your cat inside? For those who want pets that won’t require a lot of time outside, you are in luck! Scottish Fold cats are amazing house pets who thrive indoors. As such, they are a perfect choice if your schedule doesn’t allow a lot of time or opportunity for heading out with a pet. For those anxious about leaving their pets at home, there is no need to fret over your security at having to keep the windows open: your Scottish Fold cat won’t need to venture out. You can rest assured that your Scottish Fold cat won’t trade a comfortable couch or a soft cushion for a chance to chase some prey outside.

How to Make Sure Your Scottish Fold Cat Thrives Inside

Of course, there is a balance in caring for Scottish Fold cats that should be kept in place. If you want you Scottish Fold cat to live a content, healthy life indoors, you would have to take some careful measures that ensure your furry companion’s happiness and security.

Why You Should Keep You Scottish Fold Cat Indoors

Should you keep your cat inside? One of the most common things people ask is if it isn’t cruel to keep pets, especially cats, indoors. Wouldn’t they be happier if they can play outside? Indeed, they will feel freer, as they can explore a lot of nooks and crannies and even perhaps find a special place where they can bask under the sun. However, cat experts advise to keep our cats indoors if we want them to have a long and healthy life. How is that so?

Though cats would certainly feel free outside, they will also be exposed to a lot of factors that could be detrimental to them. They could feel stressed or aggravated, and they could even encounter something that could so easily harm them. In extreme unfortunate cases, they could even meet life-threatening risks.

Factors You Need to Know

If a pet cat is let outside, its life could be potentially awfully dangerous, especially if it is used to a life indoors. Here are just some of the factors it would have to face on the streets:

  • Predators such as dogs or other animals
  • Other cats, especially territorial street cats who could view the pet cat as a threat to their basic resources like food, water, and shelter
  • Car accidents especially careless drivers who don’t value animal life
  • Getting lost in the neighborhood especially if the cat has been constantly confined indoors beforehand
  • Poisoning if it encounters something new and decides to try to eat it
  • Diseases and parasites infesting various corners
  • Abusive humans

Don’t Let them Experience Distress

All of these factors and more lead to a reduced lifespan in outdoor cats. You would not want your Scottish Fold cat to experience distress when faced with these, so you have to make sure you provide a calm, healthy environment for them indoors. You would want to ensure that your Scottish Fold cat is not exposed to accidents or injuries, after all.

Should you keep your cat inside? Of course, if you are keeping your Scottish Fold cat inside, you would also have to take extra care of them and note all the behavioral aspects they display. Create a suitable environment where they are not only safe but also happy, free from the dangers of the outside world.

Caring For Your Scottish Fold

Should you keep your cat inside? Since Scottish Fold cats have folded ears, they are more likely to develop ear mites and other ear-related infections. As a responsible owner, you have to make sure that you regularly check and clean your Scottish Fold cat’s ears.

Live in the City?

If you live in an apartment in the city, you have to provide features that would ensure that you Scottish Fold cat would thrive. Constructing play pens made out of boxes is simple enough, and it would give your pet something fun to play with! There are also various toys in the market that are safe and suitable for cats.

Should you keep your cat inside? If you live in a house with a small garden or yard, entertaining your Scottish Fold cat would be even easier. Have a small enclosed pen outside and your cat could bask in the sun! Of course, these times would have to be under watchful supervision to ensure that your Scottish Fold cat won’t be in any danger.

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